Sterling Stair Lifts

Installing a stair lift can be an absolute life saver for those people who have limited mobility and struggle to get up and down stairs, allowing them to once again have full use of their home.  There are many different manufacturers of stair lifts available in the United Kingdom; Sterling Stair Lifts are one of them.

What Are Sterling Stair Lifts?

Sterling Stair Lifts are manufactured by Handicare.  One of the main benefits of using Handicare if you are thinking of installing a stair lift is that they work together with Age UK.  Purchasing Sterling stair lifts through Age UK means that you are guaranteed to receive the lowest price, whilst at the same time supporting one of the best charities for elderly people in the United Kingdom.

What Products Are Made by Sterling Stair Lifts?

Sterling stair lifts are involved in the manufacturing of a range of mobility aids, including:

  • Stair lifts
  • Porch lifts
  • Bath lifts
This means that people with limited mobility can buy a full package through Sterling stair lifts which enables them to enter their home and enjoy their garden with porch lifts, travel up and down stairs with stair lifts and bathe comfortably and safely by using bath lifts.

How to Choose the Right Sterling Stair Lifts?

Sterling stair lifts are involved in the production of every type of stair lift and are able to provide you with excellent advice and guidance on which one would best suit your home.  The different types of stair lift that are produced by Sterling stair lifts are:

  • Straight stair lifts which are designed to fit any straight staircase.  Sterling stair lifts produces stair lifts in the simplicity series as well as the Sterling 1000.
  • Curved stair lifts which are specifically designed and custom made to fit stair cases that go around corners or even spiral stair cases.  The system that is designed by Sterling stair lifts for curved stair lifts is the Sterling 2000.

Where Can I Buy Sterling Stair Lifts?

Sterling operates in the United Kingdom through Handicare and Age UK.  In the United States, Sterling stair lifts work with a range of different authorised installers who would be able to install any stair lift in your home.

Having a stair lift installed can make a tremendous difference to the lives of people that have reduced mobility.  It allows them to no longer feel like a prisoner in their own homes, and the ground floor of their property.  With different stair lifts available to fit any type of staircase, anyone that has mobility issues will once again be able to have full use of their homes, as well as be able to enjoy their gardens and the rest of the outdoor world.  Sterling stair lifts are able to provide a range of products for the less able in both the United Kingdom and the United States.  Furthermore, when opting to use Sterling stair lifts through Age UK, you are not only sure to receive quality, but you would also be supporting a tremendously important charity who also guarantee that their price will be the lowest on the market.

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