Stair Lifts for Sale

Installing a stair lift in the home of somebody with reduced mobility can be a life saving thing for them.  It allows these people to once again have the full use of their home and garden and also means they do not have to search for new, more suitable accommodation, such as a nursing home, care home or bungalow.  In public buildings, stair lifts are also regularly found, allowing service users to access all floors of a building without any elevators.

Where to Find Stair Lifts for Sale

There are many companies in the United Kingdom that offer stair lifts for sale.  Some specialise in specific types of stair lifts, such as straight, curved or outdoor stair lifts, others offer the full range.  Some of the companies you may want to take into consideration if you are looking for stair lifts for sale include:

  • Easy Steps Stair Lifts
  • Help the Aged
  • Acorn Stair Lifts
  • Stair Lift Mobility – specialising in second hand stair lifts

What is the Cost of Stair Lifts for Sale?

The cost of stair lifts for sale will depend entirely on the type of stair lift you require.  There are, in the main, three types of stair lifts available which are:

  • Straight stair lifts which can be installed on straight stairs without any bends or corners
  • Curved stair lifts which can be installed on staircases that go around a corner
  • Outdoor stair lifts which are generally straight stair lifts and specifically designed to be able to withstand a range of weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, wind and rain for example.
The cost will also be influenced slightly by the type of seat you require when you are looking for stair lifts for sale, although this is only marginal.

Generally, straight stair lifts cost around £1,500 new, including installation.  However, if you are trying to keep the cost down, you could opt to purchase a reconditioned straight stair lift and install it yourself.  Curved stair lifts are far more expensive as these are custom made to fit an individual staircase.  There is very little different between new and reconditioned stair lifts for sale, as even a second-hand one will need to be reconditioned to fit the new staircase that it will fit on.  Curved stair lifts for sale generally cost between £3,500 and £4,000.  They also require specialised installers to fit them which is included in the aforementioned price.

There are some other extras that may influence the price, such as the seats as mentioned previously, but also if you require stair lifts for sale that are heavy duty, which are able to carry far heavier loads.  Generally, a standard stair lift is able to carry around 18 stone or 120 kilograms, but in current times with the UK going through an obesity epidemic it is not uncommon for stair lifts to need to be able to carry heavier loads.  In this case, a heavy duty stair lift for sale may be more appropriate, which can carry around 25 stone and sometimes even more.

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