Stand Up Stair Lifts

For those people that have physical restrictions or mobility issues, a stair lift is the best solution to allow them to continue to use the upstairs parts of their homes.  There are many different types of stair lifts available, firstly depending on the type of stairs.  These types are:

  • Straight stair lifts for stairs that do not go around any corners
  • Curved stair lifts for staircases that have a bend or corner in their design
Depending on the staircase and on the mobility problems of the user, there are different seating arrangements available on stair lifts.  These are:

  • Seated stair lifts
  • Stand up stair lifts
  • Perched stair lifts

Why Use Stand Up Stair Lifts

Stand up stair lifts are the ideal mode of transport for people who have mobility issues which make them unable to comfortably bend their knees or hip joints.  However, these people still need to have a certain sense of balance whilst standing up.  Of course, a user is strapped in on stand up stair lifts, but they do need to be able to remain upright during upwards and downwards movements.  A second reason to have stand up stair lifts fitted is if a staircase is very narrow and there simply isn’t enough room to have a seated stair lift installed. 

Stand Up Stair Lifts Safety Issues

There are some safety issues that must be taken into account if you are thinking of purchasing or renting a stand up stair lift instead of a seated stair lift as statistics do show a higher prevalence of accidents with them when compared to the other models available.  Generally, stand up stair lifts do come with handrails to hold on to, but they do require a reasonable sense of balance, as stated earlier.  If this is an issue for a user, a perched stair lift may be a better option as they can be fitted with a seat belt to provide further safety.  With perched stair lifts, the knees and hips only need to bend slightly, which generally is possible without any pain for most people. 

The Costs of Stand Up Stair Lifts

The cost of stand up stair lifts will depend more on the type of stair lift you require.  Generally, straight stair lifts are much cheaper as they are standard fits that can be placed on any staircase that does not have any bends or corners.  Curved stair lifts, on the other hand, are much more expensive as they will need to be custom made and adapted to your individual staircase.  Many people opt to purchase two straight stair lifts rather than a single curved one, as this usually works out cheaper. 

As you can see, stand up stair lifts are perfect for people who have mobility issues due to their hips or knees, as well as for homes with narrow staircases.  A stand up stair lift can make a tremendous amount of difference to a disabled person and help them to retain their independence and freedom.

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