Outdoor Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are essential pieces of equipment for people who have reduced mobility.  When installed, it allows them to once again negotiate the stairs and be able to regain the full use of their home.  This can be incredibly important to people, who may have been living in fear that they would have had to move home or find sheltered or supported accommodation instead of remaining in a place that they know and love.  The three main types of stair lifts are curved stair lifts, straight stair lifts and outdoor stair lifts.  The type you choose will depend on the type of stairs you have and whether it is required inside or outside the house.

Why are Outdoor Stair Lifts Required?

In the United Kingdom, there are still many homes that have several steps in front of their front door, particularly the old Victorian and Georgian properties.  If there is only a single step, it can easily be adapted to slope down, or even be removed.  However, if there is more than one step present, this can be much more difficult and sloping down more than one step – in essence creating a ramp – can be very dangerous and slippery in wet weather.  An alternative option is an outdoor stair lift.

Outdoor stair lifts are also often used in gardens, particularly larger gardens that have been landscaped in such a way that they contain several steps.  Having outdoor stair lifts in a garden enables the property owner to continue to enjoy spending time outside whenever they feel like it.  Two other places that outdoor stair lifts are commonly placed are actually inside the home and are for access to a garage or a basement.  Although these are technically interior rooms, they quite often have temperatures that are similar to those outside, making an outdoor stair lift necessary.

What Makes Outdoor Stair Lifts Different?

The difference between outdoor stair lifts and regular straight stair lifts is that they are made out of far more durable materials, including steel.  They are able to sustain very adverse weather conditions and temperatures ranging from 40oc to minus 10oc.  The materials used in outdoor stair lifts are generally non corrosive, making them particularly suitable for properties that are exposed to sea winds and thus a higher than average amount of salt. 

Outdoor stair lifts also generally come equipped with covers for the seat and battery packs which protect them from water and leaves.  Although these covers are not essential, they will certainly keep the stair lift more comfortable!

As you can see, reduced mobility does not in any way mean that you are required to move home or lose out on your garden.  Stair lifts can be an absolute god’s send for many people, particularly outdoor stair lifts, as they can allow them to access their property as well as their garden.  Allowing people to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible is something we should all strive to achieve, and outdoor stair lifts go a long way towards achieving this.

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