Second Hand Stair Lifts

Are you struggling with your mobility due to a fall, an illness, old age or obesity?  No matter why you are finding it hard to be mobile, if you also have to travel from one floor to another, you are putting yourself at risk.  If this sounds like you, you might want to look into having a stair lift installed in your home.  A stair lift can make the impossible task of climbing the stairs to get into bed or go to the toilet seem like a breeze, as with one push of a button it’s up you go.  They are also extremely safe and a lot less risky than manoeuvring the stairs.

Why Some People Do Not Opt for a Stair Lift

Although the overall cost of going into nursing care is very expensive, many people still do not choose to install a stair lift due to the cost.  Stair lifts come in two general types:

  • Straight stair lifts which do not go around any bends or corners
  • Curved stair lifts which do go around the corners or bends in a staircase.
The prices, on average, between the two are very different, with a straight stair lift costing around £1,500 new, including installation and a curved stair lift costing between £3,500 and £4,000.  These prices are often unaffordable for many people, particularly if the full price needs to be paid in one go.

The Benefits of Second Hand Stair Lifts

A viable option for people that do require a stair lift but are not able to afford a new one is to invest in second hand stair lifts.  However, this option is often only a cheaper alternative in those homes that have a staircase without any bends or corners, as curved stair lifts generally do not become any cheaper if they are reconditioned, as they still need to be adapted to the specific staircase they will be installed in.  Sometimes people do find that it is possible to have two straight stair lifts installed rather than a single curved stair lift, in which case it is once again a very viable option to look at second hand stair lifts.

Another benefit of opting to invest in second hand stair lifts is that the companies that sell them generally offer a guarantee of quality, as well as being able to demonstrate how well the stair lift was maintained and serviced by previous owners. 

As you can see, opting to purchase second hand stair lifts allows people to once again enjoy the full usage of their homes by being able to travel up and down stairs without the aid of a third person.  This allows these people to remain in their homes, rather than having to find different accommodation, which is often not something they want, and without having to be a prisoner in their own homes by being restricted to a single floor.  And with so many companies in the United Kingdom offering second hand stair lifts, it also doesn’t need to break the bank.

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