How Much do Stair Lifts Cost

Having a stair lift installed in a home is a fantastic way to allow people with reduced mobility to stay in their own homes, rather than having to move into a care home or another type of sheltered accommodation.  Many businesses and public buildings, such as theatres, Town Halls and post offices also often have stair lifts installed in order to allow all their service users and customers to access the services they require.

What determines how much do stair lifts cost?

The price of stair lifts will vary depending on a number of things.  Firstly, the type of stair lift that is required will influence the price.  The types of stair lifts are:

  • Straight stair lifts, which can be used on stair cases that are completely straight
  • Curved stair lifts, which are used on stair cases that have corners or bends
  • Outside stair lifts which are generally straight stair lifts that have been designed specifically to be able to withstand any number of weather conditions.
Secondly, the type of seat that is required on a stair lift will influence the price.  The different types of seats are:

  • Seated stair lifts whereby the person is seated on a chair
  • Standing stair lifts whereby the person stands and faces the wall
  • Perched stair lifts whereby the person faces away from wall and is perched, in between standing and sitting
  • Wheel chair stair lifts which are specifically designed to be able to carry a wheel chair
One last thing that will influence the price of a stair lift is whether or not the materials need to be heavy duty.  This is particularly relevant for those people that are overweight or weigh more than 18 stone.

How Much do Stair Lifts Cost – The Cheapest and Most Expensive Option

The cheapest type of stair lift is a seated straight stair lift.  These are not custom made, but involve a simple rail that is fitted to the stair case treads.  These stair lifts can also be easily sold again at a later stage and require little knowledge in relation to the installation.  In fact, it is possible to buy a straight stair lift and install it yourself.  Including installation, straight stair lifts generally cost around £1,500.

The most expensive type of stair lift is the curved stair lift.  These have to be custom built to fit the corners and curves of a specific staircase.  It is possible to purchase these second hand, but they would then need to be adapted to fit a specific staircase.  This means that the price difference between new and second hand stair lifts is often very small with prices ranging from £3,500 to £4,000.

If you are wondering how much do stair lifts cost, you can see that it depends entirely on the type of stair lift that you are looking for and the type of stair case you have.  Some councils can help with the cost of installation so this is always worth looking into.

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