Stannah Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are an essential addition to the homes of people that have difficulty using stairs due to mobility issues.  There are dozens of stair lift manufacturers in the UK today but one company that almost everyone has heard of is Stannah.  Stannah Stair Lifts are a well known and trusted brand of stair lifts and are the most popular stair lift company in the UK.

Who Are Stannah Stair Lifts?

Stannah Stair Lifts is a family owned business from the United Kingdom that has been operating since 1867.  In 1975, they produced their first stair lift and this has been one of the most important parts of their business since.  Stannah Stair Lifts operates under the assumption that people with reduced mobility should challenge the status quo and think of innovative ideas to allow them to take part in anything they set their minds to.

Stannah Stair Lifts Products

Stannah Stair Lifts make a range of different stair lifts.  Their most popular ones are:

  • Starla - designed in an ergonomical way, Starla demonstrates the three main values of Stannah Stair Lifts: reliability, quality and safety.  The Starla stair lift can be customised to suit the décor of any home and is available for both straight and curved staircases.
  • Sarum – this is the most popular Stannah stair lift and is specifically designed for curved staircases.
  • Saxon - this is one of Stannah Stair Lifts most innovative models, as it is specifically designed for narrower staircases, where people would usually be forced to use a stand up stair lift.
  • Outdoor stair lifts – these are built in such a way that they are able to withstand adverse weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures, snow, wind and rain.
Stannah Stair Lifts also make other mobility products, such as rollators and mobility child seats for disabled children.  Furthermore, they also welcome enquiries concerning stair lift rentals as well as purchasing second hand stair lifts, helping you to keep costs down.

Why Choose Stannah Stair Lifts?

There are many reasons to choose Stannah Stair Lifts if you are thinking of installing a stair lift in your home.  One of the main reasons is their promise which is based on four key areas:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Excellent value for money
  • Excellent services during stair lift emergencies.  This includes a round the clock, all year round call out service which is operated nationwide by accredited and fully trained engineers.
  • Manufacturing and installing the best quality stair lifts available on the market today.
Stannah Stair Lifts also always manufacture their stair lifts in such a way that the seat can fold away against the wall, meaning that those who visit a home but do not have any mobility issues are able to use the staircase without the stair lift being in their way. 

Stannah Stair Lifts has received almost solely positive reviews from its users, regardless of the type of stair lift they used and whether it was for rental or purchase.  This makes them a fantastic choice!

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