Platform Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are incredibly important addition to the homes of those who have limited mobility.  Having a stair lift installed means that people are no longer confined to the ground floor only.  Secondly, it means that they are able to continue to live independently for as long as possible, rather than having to move into a care home or sheltered accommodation.  There are three types of stair lifts available.  These are:

  • Curved stair lifts – these are suitable for staircases that have a bend or corner
  • Straight stair lifts – these are suitable for those staircases that do not have any bends or corners
  • Exterior stair lifts – these are generally straight stair lifts that are specifically adapted to withstand both the weather and extreme temperatures

What are Platform Stair Lifts?

Within the three types of stair lifts, there are further sub-types, describing the seating arrangement.  These categories are:

  • Seated stair lifts, on which a person sits on a chair
  • Standing stair lifts, whereby a person stands and faces the wall
  • Perched stair lifts, whereby the user faces away from the wall and perches, in essence being in a position that is halfway between standing and sitting
Platform stair lifts are standing stair lifts, meaning that the user will stand on the platform and hold on to the hand railings.  They will be in a position that faces the wall, whilst the stair lift moves up or down the stairs.

Why Choose Platform Stair Lifts instead of Seated Stair Lifts

Many people have limited mobility due to the fact that they are unable to bend their legs properly.  For these people, platform stair lifts are the solution, as they are not required to sit down and bend their joints.  People with arthritis, for example, can greatly benefit from platform stair lifts.

Can Platform Stair Lifts be installed on all Staircases?

There are very few staircases that are unable to have a stair lift fitted.  If you require a stair lift, the installers that will come to measure your staircase will be able to tell you whether your stairs are or are not suitable to have a stair lift installed.

What are the Costs of Platform Stair Lifts?

Platform stair lifts can come in either a curved or straight stair lift form, just like seated stair lifts.  Curved stair lefts are much more expensive than straight stair lifts, as they need to be custom made to be installed on a specific stair case.  It is possible to purchase a reconditioned curved stair lift, but the price difference between a new one and a second hand one is negligible.

Straight stair lifts are the cheaper option, as they only require a single straight rail to be installed.  Due to their simplicity they are very easy to install and can even be self-installed by someone with basic DIY knowledge.  In fact, the price difference between straight and curved stair lifts is so vast, that many people opt to have two straight stair lifts installed rather than a single curved one.

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