Stair Lifts for Dogs

Many people see their pets as a true part of the family, with equal rights to the human members.  Dogs in particular regularly suffer from arthritis in the later parts of their lives and may struggle moving up and down steps.  This is where stair lifts for dogs come in handy.

Why have Stair Lifts for Dogs?

Stair lifts for dogs are beneficial not just to allow your dog to continue to visit the areas of your home that you allow it access to, but also for the overall health of the dog owner.  If a dog is starting to struggle to move up and down stairs, an owner may have to carry and lift the dog whenever they need to move up or down stairs.  This can be problematic for an owner’s back, because they may have to bend over for smaller dogs, as well as having to carry the weight of their dog, which can be significant, especially if you have a larger breed.

What Types of Stair Lifts for Dogs Exist?

There are a number of different stair lifts for dogs.  They come in different sizes to reflect the size of the dog (small, medium or large).  The lifts themselves generally are:

  • Straight which can be used on straight stairs with no bends, curves or corners
  • Curved which are custom made to fit a specific staircase that has corners or bends
  • Ramps which are specifically designed to allow a dog to walk up a slope.  This is particularly relevant for cars or front door steps for example.

Is it Difficult to Train Your Dog to Use Stair Lifts for Dogs?

Generally, dogs quite enjoy the experience of using stair lifts for dogs, although it may require some training.  Cats are slightly harder to train, but even this is not entirely impossible.  The main issue is fear.  If you are using stair lifts for dogs, your dog will suffer from some mobility issues and will hence be unlikely to suddenly jump off the platform.  However, as a responsible pet owner, you do not want to instil fear into your dog, so it may be necessary to accompany your dog up and down the stairs a few times when you first install your stair lifts for dogs.

Aren’t Stair Lifts for Dogs Taking Things a Bit Far?

Whether or not you agree with using stair lifts for dogs, they are available and many owners highly recommend them.  However, there are in reality only two cons to be found:

  • The price
  • The space taken up by the stair lifts for dogs
The pros, on the other hand, are extensive:

  • Your dog is able to access all the areas of your home
  • The development of your dog’s mobility issues is reduced
  • Your dog enjoys freedom of movement
  • As a dog owner, there is no need to strain your back
Whether or not you feel stair lifts for dogs are slightly over the top is personal opinion.  These types of stair lifts have not yet become overly popular in the United Kingdom however they have gained a lot of popularity in the US.

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