Heavy Duty Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are items that are made to last.  They are made out of heavy duty materials that are able to safely carry the weight of individuals.  One reason for reduced mobility is severe obesity, hence heavy duty stair lifts need to be able to carry a lot of weight.  Most heavy duty stair lifts are made out of very durable materials, including steel, but of course, even heavy duty stair lifts have a maximum weight they can carry, so how heavy is too heavy for heavy duty stair lifts?

How Much Weight Can Heavy Duty Stair Lifts Carry?

A standard stair lift is able to carry around 18 stone or 120 kilograms.  However, as mobility issues are often caused by obesity, and as there is currently an obesity epidemic in the United Kingdom, more and more organisations now specialise in offering heavy duty stair lifts that are generally able to carry a load of 25 stone or more.  These have heavy duty torque drives, specifically for heavier weights.  Generally, heavy duty stair lifts manufacturers will ask a new customer for their weight in order to supply a stair lift that will be safe for the individual.

Can a Heavy Duty Stair Lift Carry More Than One Individual at the Same Time?

No, heavy duty stair lifts are only able to carry a single person at a time.  This has nothing to do with the weight of the person, but everything to do with health and safety.  A person needs to be strapped into the stair lift in order to avoid falls, and this is not possible with more than one person.

However, it is possible for more than one individual to use heavy duty stair lifts, particularly if more than one person has decreased mobility in a single household.  This would involve the first person travelling upstairs, sending the stair lift back down and the second person using the stair lift to travel back upstairs.  If this is the case in your household, it is important to discuss this with the installers of heavy duty stair lifts and ensure the weight of the heaviest person is given in the initial consultation.

What Types of Heavy Duty Stair Lifts are Available?

Heavy duty stair lifts come in exactly the same types as regular stair lifts:

  • Straight heavy duty stair lifts that are specifically for straight stairs
  • Curved heavy duty stair lifts that are able to travel around a bend or curve
  • Exterior heavy duty stair lifts which are generally straight and able to withstand all types of weather conditions.
Heavy duty stair lifts are slightly more expensive than regular stair lifts, but this difference is generally marginal.  It is important to ensure that your heavy duty stair lift installer is fully aware of the maximum weight that the lift will need to carry.  Furthermore, it is important that a manufacturer is aware of any expected weight gain, such as through pregnancy or due to medication.  In relation to safety, it is important to always go a little bit over the odds rather than under the odds, so this is one time to not lie about your weight!

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