Cost of Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are vital pieces of equipment for both the disabled and the elderly as they can really improve their quality of life when moving from one floor to another.  Whilst many people who struggle with their mobility will consider moving house, a better option is to look into the cost of stair lifts.  There are numerous types of stair lifts available with each being suited to a different type of home and mobility level.

What Type of Stair Lifts Are Available?

Generally speaking, there are three main types of stair lifts available:

  • Straight stair lifts – for use on straight stairs
  • Curved stair lifts - for stairs with bends
  • Outside stair lifts – which are specifically adapted to be able to work in all weather conditions
The cost of stair lifts will depend entirely on the type of stair lift you require, with straight stair lifts being the cheapest.  Having a curved stair lift will significantly increase the cost of stair lifts, as these are custom made to fit a specific set of stairs and also take longer to install.

What Types of Seats Are Available on Stair Lifts?

Within the three main types of stair lifts, different seating arrangements are available.  The type of seat you require will influence the cost of stair lifts.  The different types of seats are:

  • Seated – this type of stair lift contains a chair.  This is ideal for those who have some mobility and require no more than a walking stick to move around, particularly since there is no space on a seated stair lift for a walking frame.
  • Standing - whereby a person faces the wall and stands up.  Again, there is no room for a walking frame and people do need to have a sense of balance to use this sort of lift.
  • Perched - whereby the user faces away from the wall and has some support in the lower back area allowing them to be in a position between seating and standing.
  • Wheel chair stair lifts - these are basically large platforms on which a wheel chair can be placed.
The cost of stair lifts will be higher for wheel chair stair lifts, as these require much more space and have a larger platform.  These are generally only used in commercial properties.

Cost of Stair Lifts Installation

The cost of stair lifts will also be influenced by whether installation is required or not.  Straight stair lifts in particular are very easy to install and an installation company is likely to only need around an hour to install one.  However, if you are looking to keep the cost of stair lifts down, you may want to consider installing it yourself.  Of course, this will need to be done by somebody that does have some knowledge in the installation process but as a stair lift is installed on the treads of stairs rather than the wall, they do not pose too much difficulty.

Another way to keep the cost of stair lifts down is by using a reconditioned or second hand stair lift.  If they have been regularly serviced and maintained, there should be no safety issues with using a second hand one.  However, the difference in the cost of new and reconditioned stair lifts is often so small that you may prefer to purchase a new one for your peace of mind.

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