Handicap Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are an essential addition to any public building that values the importance of equality and diversity.  Public buildings are required to be able to be accessible to those with limited mobility, particularly if they have no wheel chair ramps or elevators in the building.  These handicap stair lifts need to be maintained and serviced very regularly and they also need to be able to function in case of a power cut.

What Types of Handicap Stair Lifts are Available?

There are generally three types of handicap stair lifts available, as well as four subcategories.  The three types are:

  • Straight handicap stair lifts – these can only be used on stairs that have no bends or corners
  • Curved stair lifts – these are custom built to fit a stair case that has corners or bends
  • Outdoor or exterior stair lifts - these are able to withstand adverse outside weather conditions, including extreme temperatures
The sub categories of handicap stair lifts point to the seating arrangements.  These are:

  • Seated stair lifts whereby the person sits on a chair that moves up and down the stairs.
  • Standing stair lifts whereby the user stands and faces the wall.
  • Perched stair lifts whereby the user stands facing away from the wall and has some lower back support, meaning they are in essence in between a standing and seating position.
  • Wheel chair stair lifts that are able to fit an entire wheel chair on the platform.
Generally, handicap stair lifts are only suitable for people who do have some level of mobility, as they need to be able to manoeuvre themselves onto and off of the stair lift.  However, wheel chair stair lifts are possible to be used by those who are fully disabled.  These types of handicap stair lifts, however, are generally only used in public and commercial buildings rather than people’s homes.

How Much Do Handicap Stair Lifts Cost?

The cost of handicap stair lifts will mainly depend on the type of stair lift you require.  Generally, straight stair lifts are reasonably cheap at around £1,500.  Exterior stair lifts are almost always straight stair lifts and will cost only slightly more.  However, curved stair lifts are far more expensive, as these have to be custom made and designed to fit each specific stair case.  You can expect to pay around £4,000 for this type of handicap stair lifts. 

The type of seating your require on handicap stair lifts will also influence the price, of course, with wheelchair stair lifts being much more expensive than the others.  It is important to remember, lastly, that all handicap stair lifts require regular maintenance and servicing, although this is generally available at reasonably low costs.

Handicap stair lifts allow people to once again enjoy mobility in their own homes as they no longer need to view a stair case, regardless of the amount of steps, as an un-climbable mountain.  With so many types of handicap stair lifts available, you should have no trouble at all in finding one for your needs.

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