Automatic Stair Lifts

Having a stair lift installed in the home of a person with reduced mobility enables you to allow that person to remain in their home and in the community that they know, rather than forcing them to move home.  This can be very important for the elderly or those who have reduced mobility due to sudden illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis. 

What are Automatic Stair Lifts?

Automatic stair lifts are motorised seats that are able to go up and down stairs using a rail system.  These are generally attached to the stairs rather than the wall.  Automatic stair lifts are made up of three main components:

  • The rail system or track
  • The drive system or carriage
  • The seat
Stair lifts are either straight or curved.  Curved automatic stair lifts are much more expensive than straight stair lifts and generally cost around twice as much.  One of the main benefits from the perspective of a home owner is that stair lifts can be installed in less than a day and are also very easy to remove at a later stage which is great in case you choose to sell your home at a later date.

Seated Automatic Stair Lifts

Seated automatic stair lifts enable the user to sit down on the lift.  These are the most common forms of stair lifts and are used for those who are still able to walk, but who may have difficulties going up and down stairs.  There generally is room on a seated stair lift for a walking stick.  However, a larger walking aid such as a Zimmer frame cannot be taken on a stair lift, meaning that any user who requires such a walking aid will need to have two in their homes: one upstairs and one downstairs.

Standing Automatic Stair Lifts

Standing automatic stair lifts are commonly used in the homes of people with very narrow stair cases.  They are also used by those who may have difficulty bending their legs, meaning that sitting down can be very difficult.  Again, when using a standing automatic stair lift, people need to have reduced mobility rather than an inability to walk altogether.  Although perfectly safe, those who use automatic stair lifts do need to have good balance in order to be able to stand whilst moving up and down.

Perching Automatic Stair Lifts

A perching automatic stair lift is similar to a standing stair lift.  However, with these types of stair lifts, the user will generally not face the wall and there will be some support in their lower back, essentially allowing the user to perch – in between standing and sitting.

Stair lifts are incredibly important devices not only to allow people who have a reduced level of mobility to remain in their homes, but also in public buildings where no elevators are present.  They are commonly found in old buildings such as Town Halls and post offices due to both buildings being regularly attended by those with reduced mobility and the elderly.

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