Stair Lift Rentals

In case of an injury or illness that is temporary but does cause mobility issues, a person has two options:

  • Live on the ground floor of a property for the duration of the illness or injury
  • Install a stair lift
Installing a stair lift is a great way to be able to continue to use any upstairs rooms.  Furthermore, in some homes, having a stair lift installed in case of injury or illness is essential, particularly if there are steps leading up to the front door.  However, if the injury or illness is only temporary, purchasing a stair lift can seem like an unnecessary investment.  Luckily, there are plenty of companies offering stair lift rentals as well.

Things to Consider with Stair Lift Rentals

If you are considering stair lift rentals, there are some things to consider such as:

  • The terms of usage of your stair lift – is it going to be a long term or short term rental.
  • Are your stairs suitable for the installation of a stair lift and if so, what type is best for your property.
  • What is the durability of the stair lift – as it is a rental model, it will have been used before and it is important to ensure that it has been well maintained and serviced.

What Types of Stair Lift Rentals are Available?

Stair lift rentals exist for both straight and curved stair lifts.  Straight stair lifts are the most popular type of stair lift rentals, because they are a standard model and can be fitted onto any stair case that does not have any bends or corners.  Curved stair lifts, however, can be much harder to find when it comes to renting.  This is because these have to be custom made and adapted to fit a specific stair case.  These are generally also much more expensive to purchase than straight stair lifts.

If you do have a curved stair case, you may want to consider stair lift rentals for two or more separate straight stair lifts, as you could possibly save yourself a lot of money in doing so, as well as have far more companies to choose from.

Purchasing Stair Lifts

Another benefit of stair lift rentals is that if you were to find yourself in a situation where you needed a stair lift on a longer term basis, you will already have had the opportunity to familiarise yourself with a certain brand or brands of stair lifts and you will know what sort of seating arrangement is comfortable for you.  There are three general types of seating arrangements available for stair lift rentals.  These are:

  • Seated – whereby the user sits on a chair
  • Standing – whereby the user stands facing the wall
  • Perched – whereby the user is perched and faces away from the wall
By having used stair lift rental services in the past you are not only familiar with the brand of stair lift you have been using but you will also be more aware of the mechanics of a stair lift.  This can help you to make an informed decision as to whether this is the solution for your mobility needs.  Many companies that are involved in stair lift rentals also sell stair lifts, meaning you could possibly purchase your rental model at a reduced price.

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