Used Stairlifts

There are a number of reasons as to why you may be looking at used stairlifts.  For example:

  • You may only require a stairlift for a short period of time, so do not want to pay a high amount of money.
  • You are unable to afford the price of new stairlifts.
  • You may be renting a stairlift – rental stairlifts are almost always used stairlifts
But what are the advantages and disadvantages of used stairlifts?

Advantages of Used Stairlifts

In essence, the main advantage of used stairlifts is, of course, the price.  The price of used stairlifts is much cheaper than that of new ones, potentially being reduced by more than half, particularly in the case of straight stairlifts.  Another advantage is that you can customise used stairlifts completely to your own requirements.  Most of the additional parts on a stairlift are replaceable, meaning you could opt for a snazzy fabric design for your chair, or a more interesting colour for the rail for example.  Used stairlifts will often be so cheap that after adding the cost of these alterations, you will probably still be better off than purchasing a new stairlift.

Certain used stairlifts come with a warranty.  This means that their quality is good and that the used stairlifts are insured against safety issues and manufacturing problems.  This would be a fantastic option if you are able to find one.  Of course, these will be slightly more expensive than non-guaranteed used stairlifts, but they will still be far cheaper than new stairlifts.

Disadvantages of Used Stairlifts

One of the main disadvantages of used stairlifts is that you may not know where it was before you purchased or rented it, meaning that you won’t be able to find out whether it has been serviced appropriately and is hence still safe and functions to a high quality level.  Unfortunately, as with many second hand goods, purchasing used stairlifts may mean you compromise slightly on quality.  As stairlifts help you in maintaining your safety, this is something you need to give very careful consideration.

Another disadvantage is that maintaining used stairlifts may be much more expensive than servicing new ones.  This is something to think about and it may be wise to calculate what the expected cost of call outs and repairs may be – does purchasing used stairlifts actually mean you will be financially better off?  Furthermore, it is likely that certain parts have already been replaced on used stairlifts and you may struggle to find replacement parts, as models develop and parts become obsolete.

The main thing, however, when you are considering whether used stairlifts or new stairlifts are the best option for you is to not be driven solely by the price.  The price itself may not reflect the quality of the product and in the case of used stairlifts, quality and safety are two of the most important things.  It has happened that used stairlifts have malfunctioned and people have actually died because of this, so it is important to always put safety before budget.

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