Cost of Stairlifts

Installing a stairlift in the home of somebody with reduced mobility can be a positive, life changing event.  It once again allows these people to make full use of their home, no longer being prisoners to the ground floor.  For some people, it even allows them to once again be able to access their homes without any assistance, particularly in old terraced Victorian properties, which often have several steps leading up to the front door.  Stairlifts also exist that are specifically designed for gardens, meaning that people are once again able to enjoy fresh air and the serenity of their much loved gardens.  Of course, stair lifts do come at a price, as does everything in this world!

Types of Stairlifts

The cost of stairlifts will depend on a number of factors that will be discussed further in this article, but the main price difference will come from the type of stairlift you require.  There are two main types of stairlifts:

  • Sraight stair lifts, for staircases or steps that do not have corners or bends
  • Curved stair lifts, for staircases such as spiral staircases or staircases that do have corners or bends.

Cost of Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are by far the most expensive type.  This is because the rail of a curved stairlift is designed specifically to fit the individual staircase onto which they will be fitted.  It is sometimes possible to purchase a second hand curved stairlift, but generally the price difference between new and second hand is almost nil.  This is due to the fact that a second hand curved stairlift will need to be fully adapted to fit your specific staircase, which requires a lot of work.

Generally, the cost of stairlifts that are curved is around £3,500 second hand and £4,000 new.  These prices generally do include installation.  With curved stairlifts, it is very difficult to do the installation yourself.

Cost of Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are a much cheaper option compared to curved stairlifts.  This is because the only thing that may need adapting on a straight stairlift is the length of the rail.  Straight stairlifts are also very easy to install, so if you are trying to keep the cost of stairlifts down, you may want to consider installing it yourself.

Generally, a brand new straight stairlift including installation will cost around £1,500, although this price could be significantly reduced if you were to consider self installation and purchasing a second hand straight stair lift.

As you can see, the cost of stairlifts will depend mainly on the type of stair lift you require with a curved stairlift being the most expensive.  In fact, the cost is so much higher that people often opt to have several second hand straight stairlifts installed rather than opt for a single curved stairlift.  This is achieved by installing transfer platforms in each bend or corner of a staircase.  Whichever you do choose, one thing is for sure: you will greatly improve the life of the person who will be using it.

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