Rental Stairlifts

Renting a stair lift should be very easy to achieve, particularly since there are so many companies offering rental stairlifts in the UK today.  Rental stairlifts are ideal for people who either have a temporary illness which is causing mobility impairment, or for those who are unable to make the large investment that is involved in buying a stairlift outright.

Benefits of Rental Stairlifts

One of the main benefits of rental stairlifts is that you will be able to return them once you no longer need them.  For example, if you have had a hip operation or you have broken your leg, or if you have temporary visual impairment, you are likely to only need a stairlift for a limited amount of time.  Purchasing a stairlift can be very expensive:

  • Straight stairlifts, which travel up straight stairs, cost around £1,500
  • Curved stairlifts, which can go around corners or can even be fitted to spiral staircases, cost between £3,500 and £4,000
Of course, you could also opt for rental stairlifts if someone with mobility issues will be staying with you for a short period of time, again meaning there is no need to purchase one outright.

Where to Find Rental Stairlifts

There are many companies across the United Kingdom that offer rental stairlifts.  Any reputable company should be happy to provide you with a free, non obligation quotation, allowing you to truly compare what the best options are for you.  Some of the companies you could take into consideration, for example, include:

  • Sabre Stair Lifts
  • Stannah Stair Lifts
  • Associated Stair Lifts
  • Oakland Stair Lifts

What to Look Out for With Rental Stairlifts

When you opt for rental stairlifts, there are a few things that you should think of, such as:

  • Would you be able to purchase the rental stairlift if your mobility issue becomes more long term?
  • As rental stairlifts are generally reconditioned stairlifts, is it possible for you to view the service history of the particular item you are renting so that you can make sure that it is completely safe and that it has been fully maintained?
  • What brand of rental stairlifts does the company offer?

Cost of Rental Stairlifts

The price of rental stairlifts will depend largely on the type of stairlift you require as well as which brand of stairlift you are looking for.  However, one of the main stairlift manufacturers in the United Kingdom is Stannah Stair Lifts and it is possible to find Stannah rental stairlifts for around £57 per month.  Of course, this is for a straight stairlift rather than a curved stairlift.  Often, when looking at rental stairlifts, you will be expected to pay a deposit and a set period of time (usually a month) in advance.

Rental stairlifts are a fantastic solution for those who either do not need a stairlift for an extended period of time, or for those who are unable to pay for a stairlift in one go.  The cost of rental stairlifts is very reasonable, particularly compared to the price of purchasing one, although, of course, long term rental will at some point become more expensive than purchasing one.

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