Cheap Stairlifts

Installing a stairlift is, in essence, an opportunity for people with mobility issues to regain or continue to enjoy their independence, being able to move up and down stairs as they see fit.  However, stairlifts do mean a considerable investment, and you may need some help in finding cheap stairlifts that meet your needs.  Luckily, there are many companies in the United Kingdom that specialise in providing people with cheap stairlifts.

Cheap Stairlifts – Price Comparison

When you are looking for cheap stairlifts, it is important to know exactly what type of stairlift you require.  To do this, it could be a great idea to ask for some free, no obligation quotations from stairlift companies.  This will not only inform you as to what type of stairlift you need to look for, but also what the actual cost of a stairlift may be.  The two main types of stairlifts are:

  • Straight stairlifts which can be installed on any staircase that does not have any bends, corners or curves.
  • Curved stairlifts which are custom made to fit an individual staircase with bends or corners, or even spiral staircases.
Price comparison is always something that you should do before purchasing anything.  If you request a minimum of three quotations from reputable organisations, you will at least be able to find a cheap stairlift in comparison to other companies, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the actual cost.

Cheap Stairlifts – Quality or Price

It is also important to not only look at the price when thinking of purchasing cheap stairlifts: sometimes price reflects quality and if you are likely to have to repair your stair lift regularly, it will cost you more money overall.

Second Hand Cheap Stairlifts

Of course, if you are looking at cheap stairlifts, you may be interested in purchasing a second hand stairlift.  The price difference between new and old stair lifts is vast and you could further reduce the price by installing the stair lift yourself.  However, there is no such thing as cheap stairlifts when looking at curved stairlifts.  As these are custom made to fit an individual staircase, they are often much more expensive and there is little to no difference between a new model and a second hand one.

Renting Cheap Stairlifts

One other way to find cheap stairlifts is to rent rather than purchase.  This is an especially good idea if you only require a stairlift for a certain amount of time.  However, if you do choose to rent, it is important to ensure that the stairlift is of good quality and that you have been able to view its servicing history.

As you can see, there are many ways to find cheap stairlifts and all it takes is some price comparisons and research.  There are quite a few options available to you, but one of the best tips is to ask a few reputable companies to come into your home and discuss your requirements with you, so you know exactly what to look for first.  This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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