Stairlift Maintenance

Once you have taken the important step towards regaining your independence and full use of your home by installing a stairlift, it is important to ensure your stairlift stays in tip top condition by regularly performing stairlift maintenance.  When looking at stairlift maintenance and ensuring your stairlift will last as long as possible, there are three main areas to consider which are:

  • The battery
  • The rails
  • The seat and car

Tips for Stairlift Maintenance – The Battery

Most stairlifts are powered both by the electric mains, as well as having a backup rechargeable battery which enables the stairlift to continue operating even during a power cut.  Batteries require very little maintenance and are hard to access on most stairlifts.  The one thing to look out for when performing stairlift maintenance in relation the battery is that you can hear the battery charging whenever you get to the bottom or top of the stairs.  There may also be a light on your control display that will indicate that the battery is charging.  If you do not see any such visual or audible sign, you may want to call out an installer to perform some simple stairlift maintenance on the battery. 

Tips for Stairlift Maintenance – The Rails

Stairlift maintenance on the rails is incredibly easy and just means that the rail needs to remain clean.  You could opt to pass a hoover along the rails once a month, to clear dust and other things that may have got trapped.  In the case of outdoor stairlifts, stairlift maintenance on the rails is incredibly important and you must check regularly whether there are any obstructions on the rails, such as leaves, rodent droppings or mud for example.

Tips for Stairlift Maintenance – The Seat and Car

Stairlift maintenance on the seat and car is very easy and just requires you to dust and wipe as you would with any other piece of furniture in your home.  Depending on the fabric of your seat, you will need to choose the appropriate cleaning product, of course.  If you do notice any problems with the seat or car it is highly advisable to call out a stairlift installer and have it checked.

It may be worth also having a stairlift maintenance contract in place in order to check the mechanical parts of your stairlift.  You could approach the company from which you purchased your stairlift, as they will more than likely also offer stairlift maintenance options.  If you purchased a second hand stairlift and installed it yourself, you could still contact stairlift installation companies, as they will be more than happy to offer you a stairlift maintenance contract.  It is advisable to have the electrical and mechanical parts of your stairlift checked at least once a year, or to have it PAT tested, meaning it will conform to all safety requirements.  

The amount of accidents that happen in a home each year on staircases really demonstrates the need to have the right safety equipment in place, and to ensure that you regularly perform stairlift maintenance.

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