Stairlift Servicing

A stairlift can be a match made in heaven for people who have mobility issues.  However, if used improperly, or if stairlift servicing is not carried out regularly, they can also become very dangerous indeed.  Not too long ago, an elderly woman fell and died when her stairlift turned out to be faulty.  Several reasons were given for this horrible incident during the inquest, including:

  • Design problems (this was the third accident with this specific brand of stairlifts)
  • Fitting problems
  • Installation problems
  • Improper stairlift servicing

The Importance of Stairlift Servicing

The above example clearly demonstrates why it is so important to have regular stairlift servicing completed.  Any design issues and fitting and installation problems should be picked up during servicing, as should any issues with the stairlift itself. 

Where to Go for Stairlift Servicing

There are many options available to you if you want to ensure regular stairlift servicing takes place.  The two main options are:

  • Entering into a servicing contract with the original installers of your stairlift.  The advantage of this is that you will most likely receive a discount; the disadvantage is that it is possible that any issues will be overlooked, as in the above example.
  • Entering into a stairlift servicing contract with a third party.  The advantage of this option is that this company will be impartial and will be honest about any issues they pick up; the disadvantage is that the contract will probably be more expensive.
Most stairlift installation companies will offer stairlift servicing packages as well.  This means that you could contact any stairlift installation company in order to get such a package, without you being forced to use the same company that carried out the original installation.  Or, if you installed the stairlift yourself, you could also turn to any installation company.  If you do install your stairlift yourself, it is advised to immediately ask for stairlift servicing, to ensure you carried out the installation appropriately.

How Often Should You Have Stairlift Servicing?

It is advised that stairlift servicing and stairlift maintenance takes place at least once a year, or after a set amount of uses, as would be described in your manual.  This is quite similar to a car, where a service is required once a year or after a set amount of miles. 

What to Do to Prevent Accidents

Besides ensuring a stairlift servicing contract is in place, there are several things that you can do to avoid accidents.  These are:

  • Ensuring your staircase is well lit at all times
  • Ensuring the rail of your stairlift is clear from any obstructions
  • Ensuring the user of the stairlift is comfortable and familiar with it before the device is used unaided
It is important to remember, however, that despite accidents such as the one described above, stairlifts are generally extremely safe devices that can be incredibly important items in the homes of the elderly or the otherwise mobility impaired.  Having a proper stairlift servicing contract in place will further reduce the likelihood of something ever going wrong.

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