Best Stairlifts

For whatever reason, many people arrive at a stage in their lives where they require a stairlift in order to continue using all of the rooms in their homes.  Having stairlifts installed can be a true god’s send for some people, as it means they no longer need to feel like a prisoner in their own homes.  When looking at purchasing a stairlift, you may require some guidance as to the best stairlifts.

Best Stairlifts – Which Type do I Need?

The type of stairlift that is best for your home will depend mainly on the type of staircase that you have.  Staircases that go straight up, with no bends or corners, can be fitted with a straight stairlift, which is the cheapest and easiest option.  Those staircases that do have bends, curves or corners, however, will need to be installed with curved stairlifts, which are far more expensive.  So much so, in fact, that many people prefer to install several sets of straight stairlifts, rather than a single curved one.  Generally, prices for new stairlifts including installation are:

  • £1,500 for straight stairlifts
  • £4,000 for curved stairlifts

Best Stairlifts – Which Seat do I need?

There are, in essence, four types of seats or platforms available on the best stairlifts.  These are:

  • Seated – whereby the user faces away from the wall and sits on a chair
  • Standing – whereby the user faces the wall and is fully upright
  • Perched – whereby the user faces away from the wall and is in between a sitting and standing position
  • Wheelchair – which have a large platform onto which a wheelchair can be rolled

Best Stairlifts – Where Do I Go to Get One?

When you are looking for the best stairlifts, it is important to speak to a number of reputable organisations that specialise in manufacturing or installing stairlifts.  It is advisable to request at least three quotations, to ensure you really are getting the best stairlifts.

Recognising a reputable company should be quite easy:

  • They should never be pushy in their sales tactics
  • They should be happy to leave you with information whilst you request further quotations
  • Any documentation they provide should be easy to read and in plain English
  • They should be able to explain exactly what the best stairlifts are to suit your needs and why
Receiving at least three quotations from three different companies is always the best policy in order to make sure that the information provided to you by each company is reputable: although there may be some small differences in prices, these should not be too large.  Furthermore, the advice on the type of stairlift that represents the best stairlifts for your needs should always be the same.  If you find you receive three quotations that are all very different, try and contact another company who may be able to help you further.

Finding the best stairlifts can be a life changing thing for the elderly or disabled, as once installed it allows them to once again live independently in the homes that they know and love.

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