Stairlifts Rentals

If you have found that you require a stairlift to be able to safely and comfortably travel up and down stairs, but find you are not able to afford a stairlift and are not eligible for any local authority disability grants, there is still a way for you to install a stairlift.  This is through stairlifts rentals.

Why You May Need a Stairlift

Disability causing reduced mobility can occur for a variety of reasons.  For example:

  • You may have brittle bone disease or osteoporosis
  • You may have arthritis
  • You may have a visual impairment that means you are unable to see where you are walking
  • You may have broken a leg or have had hip surgery
These are but a few of the examples, but each means that you are no longer able to enjoy the freedom of walking around on two legs.  These conditions can be incredibly painful and may mean you are confined to a single space, meaning moving up and down stairs unaided is simply not a possibility anymore.  Stairlifts rentals can be applicable whether you have a long term medical condition or a short term issue that is causing mobility impairment.

Why Stairlifts Rentals Are Such a Great Option

Stairlifts are very expensive pieces of equipment, particularly if you require a curved stairlift, which is custom built to fit an individual staircase.  Although grants are available to help those on low incomes, falling outside of those criteria does not necessarily mean you have the £4,000 you may be required to pay for a new curved stairlift.  This is where stairlifts rentals come in.

Where to Go for Stairlifts Rentals

There is a range of companies available in the United Kingdom that offer stairlifts rentals and the prices can be very competitive.  Some of the best value options cost around £47 per month.  This means that you could hire a stairlift for a number of years before it would actually become better value to purchase one outright.

Things to Look Out for with Stairlifts Rentals

Of course, there are some issues that you should think about when opting for stairlifts rentals.  Firstly, it is important to only work with reputable companies.  Many of the larger stairlift installation companies are also involved in stairlifts rentals and these could be a great place to turn to.

Secondly, it is very important to ensure you are able to see a full service history for stairlifts rentals.  The stairlift you will be offered on a stairlifts rentals contract will more than likely be second hand, hence it is important that there is clarity on where it came from and how it has been maintained, to make sure the quality and safety remains very high.  You could also ask if the stairlifts rental company offers continual servicing during the period of your rental, particularly if you are thinking of longer term hire.

As you can see, if you find yourself needing a stairlift but purchasing one is not viable – whether this is because you only require a stairlift for short period of time, or whether it is simply unaffordable – stairlifts rentals are a great alternative.

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