Commercial Stairlifts

When people construct buildings and not take the time to add in things that would help those who are unable to climb stairs is one form of discrimination. There are many disabilities that the discrimination acts have been enforced in most of the advanced countries. This means that is it now unlawful for someone to put up a public building and not add in the easy access accessories for the people with different disabilities. There are 3 different models of the commercial stairlifts specially created to help the shoppers and the employees to better get around.

The platform commercial stairlifts are created to carry people in their wheelchairs, along with their assistants, and all their baggage. Almost all commercial stairlifts are mounted in to the wheelchairs while they go around shopping in the commercial areas. The platform commercial stairlifts provides a very sturdy platform that is big enough for a wheelchair along with its user. With platform commercial stairlifts you will be able to travel from the low, to the middle, or even to the high levels, right beside a staircases or even right along them. With this being said you can now be reassured that people who can use the stairs will be able to even when people with disabilities are using their commercial stairlifts.

In commercial areas it would not be a good idea to take the time to have to strap the disabled person in and un-strap them from the commercial stairlifts when this is normally a very busy place. Since the disabled person would normally bring in their wheelchair this means they will have everything they will need. These commercial stairlifts have had many tests done on them to check the ability to carry all different kinds of weights and to make sure that they run very smoothly. Since these are used very often they have to be safe, very quiet and not jerk around. They also provide a vertical lift when a stair lift won't work.

These commercial stairlifts are able to take people up big vertical levels that would be too steep for a stair lift to handle. Any level that is higher than a 3.6 meter will need a vertical lifts. You would want to use one of these lifts when your staircase is too narrow to use a platform stair lift.

The short-rise vertical commercial stairlifts works just like a vertical lifts would, but instead they will be used for the levels that are lower than the 3.6 meters height.

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