Stairlifts Companies in the UK

The stairlift companies in the UK offer people with disabilities be able to do more stuff on their own like going up stair and then back down. They come with the rail system that has an electric motor and a seat.

The competition that is among the stairlift companies in the UK is very tough. Some stairlift companies in the UK are:

Summit Lifts had begun only having three-man this was based on the traditional family values. With them you will get a three year repair free warranty. This stairlift companies in the UK has been using cables for the drive.

ThyssenKrupp Access was established in the year of 1947. They chose the name of American Stair-Glide in their initial years. The flagship lift is called the StairGlideA and the current model will come having five different kinds of seats. ThyssenKrupp Access offers a one and two year warranty on their motors, components, parts, and respectively.

The headquarters of Acorn Stair lifts are in Northern England, and also has branches that are in the US and also in Canada. They have over 750 employees that are in many different parts of this world. The company focuses on its business on designing and to sell the Super glide electric lifts.

It has a 23-volt power system. They come with a manual joystick that is mounted on to the chair. This does have a neat digital status display. The gear box assembly and the motor have a warranty for lifetime but the rest of the parts only have a 1 year warranty.

Bruno Independent Living Aids began in 1984 and make lifts and chairs for many vehicles. Offering a straight or curved stair lift. The do offer a 5 year warranty on the parts and the motor but only a 2 year on the rest of the parts.

Before you purchase a stair lift, make sure you do a lot of research about the stairlift companies in the UK. Make sure to get referrals and check online for information that might provide the right stuff to inform you more about the stairlift companies in the UK that you will need to finalize your decision. Make sure that the stairlift companies in the UK you have decided to buy from is actually real and not a fraud. You will also need to make sure the parts coming from the stairlift companies in the UK are also safe and the best quality. Especially, since safety should be a huge part in trying to be able to be more mobile, when you are disabled.

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