Stairlifts Information

Climbing the stairs at home is something we do without thinking numerous times on a daily basis. There is a point in everyone’s life when this task becomes difficult and possibly dangerous; this may be because of disability, injury or old age. When it becomes evident that facing stairs has become too much of a struggle, installing a stairlift can be life changing.

Having a stairlift installed in the home can instantly restore a person’s independence and allow them to once again enjoy life in their own home. When climbing the stairs become too tough, many people consider moving home to a ground floor property as a way to avoiding stairs, this can prove extremely costly, is stressful and means leaving a home with a lifetime of memories. Stairlifts do away with the need to move house and are a much cheaper alternative. There is a lot to consider when purchasing a stairlift and there are many variations; stairlifts information is important and understanding the available options will help you to make the correct purchase.

Information needed when purchasing a stairlift

There are many reputable stairlift suppliers in the UK and each will be happy to provide any stairlifts information you require and also give answers to all questions and queries. There are a number of factors that come into play when choosing the correct stairlift for your home, the first is the type of staircase that you have.

Staircases differ from home to home and the angle and width of the stairs will ultimately determine whether or not a stairlift can be installed. Fortunately stairlift tracks are available in both curved and straight variations and occasions when a stairlift cannot be fitted at all are few and far between.

The next thing to be considered is the shape of the track. The shape that is needed will depend on the staircase and a combination of the two may sometimes be needed. If you live in a home with a curved staircase then budget will also be important, this is because curved tracks must be custom measured and made and will be more expensive.

The length of time the installation will take is also important when gathering stairlifts information. Many companies provide free consultations and surveys where they will be able to estimate how long the installation process will take. Straight stairlifts can be installed fairly quickly and easily within around two hours, curved stairlifts are a much more technical and the process will take a few hours longer.

Stairlifts information and expert help is also important when deciding whether you should buy a stairlift or if it would be more beneficial to hire one. There are occasions when a stairlift may only be required for a short-term purpose, this may be for a person that is recovering from injury or recuperating following a stay in hospital. Many companies provide week-to-week rental services which require an initial deposit followed by instalments. Outright purchase will prove better to be a better investment for long-term needs.

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