Short Rise Lifts

We live in a world where we pay more and more attention to minorities and people who have disabilities – our society is trying more and more to include them and offer them a life as close to normal as possible. And yet, if one were to try to walk around any town in just about any country in a wheelchair, without even attempting using their feet, they would realise that life is just as difficult as ever for a person in that position. Which is why, if your building doesn't have them already, it should include facilities like short rise lifts, to make everybody's life just a little easier.

Why Install Short Rise Lifts

The first and most important reason is because short rise lifts will enable disabled people to access your building. On top of common sense reasons, business sense should also advise you that in case you are running a business, you wouldn't want someone to avoid making business with you because they cannot access your building. Making sure that your building is open for everyone will diversify your client list and will make sure that everyone gets a chance to at least hear what you have to offer.

If that does not convince you, the law should: the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 and the Equality Act of 2010 state that it is against the law to discriminate against people with disabilities, when it comes to access to goods, services or employment. This basically means that, you are obligated by the law to make sure that anyone can access your building.

Lifts are considerably more comfortable compared to ramps (which would be the alternative option), for you and the person visiting your building: they occupy considerably less space (especially in the case of a longer staircase), which is good for you, but also require much less effort from the person using them.

Where to Buy Short Rise Lifts

The first thing you need to do is find a company who provides the lifts – they will also be the ones installing them. Here are some such providers in the United Kingdom:
  • DDA Lifts - Provide platform, wheel chair, short rise and all possible disability lifts. Their offices are located in Newton Aycliffe, they are CE marked and are ISO 9001 certified.
  • Pollock Lifts - Provide short rise lifts, but also stair lifts, elevators for goods and for people and platform lifts for public buildings. While they offer the possibility of installing the lifts, they also offer the option to just buy the product. Their headquarters are located in Northern Ireland, but they offer services nationwide.
  • Innovate Lifting Systems - Offer the low cost option of the Low Up Wheelchair Lift that can be used both inside and outside. On top of this the company also provides residential elevators, goods lifts, service lifts, passenger lifts and through floors lifts. Their headquarters are located in Kent.
All companies provide installation help and they offer quotations based on feedback forms located on their websites.

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