Vertical Stair Lifts

A vertical lift is also referred to as a through floor lift. This allows a wheelchair user to move from one floor to another without having to get out of the wheelchair. Whereas a seat or platform on the stairs is ideal for some people it is not suitable if it is a struggle to get in and out of a wheelchair.

The Advantages of Vertical Stair Lifts

Even if it is possible to get in and out of the wheelchair at the time you are having the lift installed it is best to look to the future and decide if it is likely that the condition will get worse. There is no point having a stair lift installed if you will not be able to use it in the future and then need to go through another installation process to have a vertical one fitted.

Although the initial cost of having the vertical lift installed is going to be more expensive it can actually save money in the long run. This is not only in the case of missing out the stair lift, but also in the amount of equipment that is needed. It would be possible to take a walking stick and other small items upstairs on a stair lift, but not an item such as a wheelchair or commode. As a result you many try to save money by just getting a stair lift but then have to buy 2 wheelchairs and 2 commodes and leave one on each level.

The Design of a Vertical Stair Lift

Not all vertical stair lifts will look unsightly in the room. They do not have to be dark metal but can be white and often in the corner of the room. Some can be designed so as they can be placed in areas that would often not be considered suitable. It is possible to make sure that they do not block out windows and can be fitted around obstacles. There are many added items that make the journey from one room to another more comfortable.

The floor is safe and slip proof so the wheelchair will stay in one place. There will be a minimum of movement and this is not just for safety reasons, but will also limit any pain movement may bring. Hand rails are installed to give a feeling of added security and also for an additional passenger to hold onto. As with all stair lifts there is a panic button just in case something does go wrong. It is an advantage to have room for another person as this will not just leave the person in the lift alone but will also allow it to be controlled if the user is no longer able to manage the controls.

Vertical Stair Lifts Outside The Home

Many shopping centres and schools now have vertical stair lifts installed. It is a way to make sure that disabled visitors and pupils are not discriminated against, and does not mean they have to incur the cost of having a full lift installed. As with all lifts, companies will come out and measure the area before they are able to give a quote.

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