Childrens Stairlifts

Generally, when thinking of stairlifts, our minds automatically travel to the elderly, who have become less mobile through old age or illness.  But what about children?  Children can become disabled due to temporary issues such as broken leg, or due to illnesses that are degenerative.  Of course, they can also be born disabled.  These children also need to be able to climb up and down the stairs safely and comfortably, of course.  This is why children’s stairlifts exist on the market, with the best known brand being Stannah Stairlifts.

eatures of Stannah’s Children’s Stairlifts

All stairlifts by Stannah combine beautiful designs that are of great quality with the practical features necessary to make children’s stairlifts fun and safe to use for children.  Stannah’s main three commitments when developing any kind of stairlift have always been:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Comfort

Total Support and Maximum Comfort with Stannah’s Children’s Stairlifts

There are many different seats and cushions available on Stannah’s children’s stairlifts, as well as different harnesses that can be made to fit each individual child.

Parental Control on Stannah’s Children’s Stairlifts

One of the biggest benefits of Stannah’s children’s stairlifts is the fact that parents always retain master control.  They will be able to hold on to the infrared remote, included for additional safety and security, meaning that the parent can call for the stairlift or send it, even when the child is not seated in the lift.

Other Additional Support and Safety Options on Stannah’s Children’s Stairlifts

All of Stannah’s stairlifts, including their children’s stairlifts can come with an optional footrest, giving the user and additional sense of security.  Sensors are fitted to Stannah’s children’s stairlifts to make sure that any obstructions on the rail are detected immediately, making the stairlift slowly and gently stop.  This is a very important safety feature. 

To prevent your child from using the stairlift without supervision, the keyswitch can be employed to completely immobilise it.  Stannah’s children’s stairlifts all come with a key switch, meaning that as a parent, you are able to switch of the stairlift, thereby only allowing your child to use it when necessary.

As you can see, mobility issues also occur in children and they have just as much right as the elderly to lead a fulfilling and independent life.  Luckily, children’s stairlifts are now available for in the home.  Unfortunately, in public buildings, many children will still be expected to use the stairlift equipment that is present, which is generally designed in such a way that it is meant for adults and the elderly.  This can raise significant safety issues, particularly if the child is very small, making it difficult for them to use some of the safety features, such as the safety belts and foot rests. 

Opting to purchase Stannah’s children’s stairlifts truly means that you have chosen a company that cares about its customers.  They go the extra mile in making their customer’s safety and security as well as comfort, a top priority at all times.

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