Stair Climbers

If you or family members are having difficulties climbing the stairs, it is possible to get help in the form of a stair climber. This is not so much an item for the home as here a stair lift will be more suitable but for outdoors especially in buildings that either have not managed to install a lift or are unable to.

It is not only as you get old that you may need this help, but often children can have a disability and anyone of any age can be involved in an accident that leaves them with mobility problems. As people are becoming more aware of the need to cater for everyone buildings such as schools, museums and theatres are investing in a stair climber. It would be good practice for all buildings with a number of floors to have them as if there was a fire a life would be redundant.

Different Types of Stair Climbers

There are two different types of stair climber and they are suitable for different people. One is the type that allows a person to either just sit on or transfer from a wheelchair and the other allows the wheelchair to be attached before the stairs are mounted. A battery operated stair climber will be ideal to help disabled people up and down stairs. It is not always possible to get up and down stairs without difficulty – and if you were alone and need support it would not be possible at all.

Stair Climbers have many advantages even over the normal stair lifts. They can be used on staircases that may not be suitable for a conventional lift and it means a lot less effort on the side of the person manoeuvring it. Generally they are suitable for people up to 25 stones and are designed to make sure that the person being carried is safe and secure.

Using a Stair Climber

If the person using the climber is normally in a wheel chair it is possible to move the arms on the climber to make it easier for them to get in. When sat on it appears to be a normal chair on wheels, but once the stairs are reached the wheels move in a different way.

The user will be tilted back to a degree but will be securely held in. There is no need to worry about missing a step as there are sensors that are connected to the brakes so the climber will not miss a step. It is a great asset and gives back a degree of independence in as much as stairs can be climbed, but it does need another person to control it. This is a much improved system than in the past as it would normally have meant that the person and the wheelchair needed to be carried up the stairs and this could be difficult and dangerous not to say undignified.

A stair climber is suitable for all floors so there is no need to worry about causing any damage and as they are run by rechargeable batteries they can be used anywhere and at any time.

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