Minivator Stairlifts

Having a great rep and providing dependable quality products has Minivator stairlifts right up there on top of the list at number two in the World. Along with offering consumers dependable Minivator stairlifts that is approved by the Disabilities Discrimination Act (DDA) for public and home use it is safe and approved for outdoor and indoor use as well. Being made in Britain, these Minivator stairlifts are dependably constructed and comply with British standards known as BS5776. Allowing consumers to know that they will be delivered a very safe and reliable unit.

Offering a stair lift for those needing to ascend and descend a straight staircase, Minivator stairlifts produces the Simplicity 950 model. Some of its benefits and feature are as follows:

This Minivator stairlifts model will not work on any staircase which has bends or corners. They design the tracks for this straight stair case model slimmer than that of the other types of tracks. The positioning of the chair lift is now closer to the stairs end will allow more space to let other people move by with plenty of space. The unit is made to utilize a more compact area and when it is not in use, can be folded up to maximize space.

Minivator stairlifts are also made to be battery operated which is a definite plus in the event of power outage. It continuous maintains its charge since it is always plugged into the outlet also. The Simplicity 950 Model will receive its charge no matter where you leave it parked on the rail and is a very easy to use. Requires little effort and its convenient toggle switch can be positioned on the right or left of the armrest, whichever you prefer.

Another nice feature of the 950 is that the seat will swivel and turn so that you face the direction you are traveling, allowing ease of access when getting out or into the chair. A nice feature is I may add, wouldn't you enjoy this one too? Since there are some stairs that may have larger than the normal landings, Minivator stairlifts has created a connecting bridge that will be put between the landing and the lift. This will make getting on and off easier and safer for the consumer. So if you are handicap, elderly, or both, the Minivator stairlifts would be a great reliable lift to help you in tackling the height of your staircase with ease, freedom and safety.

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