Companion Stairlifts

A company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Companion Stairlifts have been manufacturing custom stair lifts for many years now and they become experts in providing their customers with high quality products and services. When choosing a company that will be responsible for installing a stair lift, people are advised to look for a company that has a lot of experience and that can provide them with custom made products. The main reason why this is so important is the fact that many people have narrow hallways or some different obstacles in the area where the stair lift is to be installed. A company with too little experience and without the possibility of offering custom made products will just waste people's time. On the other hand, from a company such as Companion Stairlifts there are no problems that cannot be solved when it comes to installing stair lifts.

Companion Stairlifts – About the Company and Their Products

For people who are unsure about the fact whether their staircase is suitable for installing a stairlift Companion Stairlifts is the company to contact. They offer both straight and curved stair lifts, and all of their products can be tailor made to fit any staircase, no matter how narrow it is. Also, the company can provide people all over the UK with their high quality products, as well as 24 hour service. Many people all over the country have benefited from their stair lifts, as they enabled people to use the stairs like there are no obstacles for them at all.

Why Choose Companion Stairlifts?

Apart from the fact that Companion Stairlifts can be installed literally on every staircase there is, no matter if it is narrow, curved or even outdoor, another important reason for using their services is the fact that they are available to their customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is very important when it comes to unexpected breakdowns as it is sure to be taken care of in record time. Also, their stair lifts are very aesthetically pleasing and extremely quiet, with custom made seats and footrests and quiet electrical motors. The design of the stair lift can also be as people choose it regarding the colours and materials used. When it comes to warranty, all of the stair lifts installed by Companion Stairlifts have a 12-month full labour and parts guarantee.

Companion Stairlifts – Prices

Companion Stairlifts is one of the most flexible companies when it comes to paying for their services. Namely, they offer a lot of alternatives to buying a brand new stair lift and paying it in full right away. For example, people can purchase a reconditioned staircase from the company, or they can trade their old stair lift for a newer and better model. When trading in an older model, Companion Stairlifts will offer a significant discount for buying a new model from them. Apart from these options, the company also offers a wide variety of finance options with attractive interest rates, meaning that people are given the opportunity to pay off their stair lift over a period of time that suits them best.

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