Brooks Stairlifts

While most of us do not think of the feat of descending and ascending stairs, some folks with disabilities must consider this. Therefore, making a stair lift a handy and sometimes completely necessary device for some. Now mandated for Senior citizens of our United States, the Disability Act has made the stair lift a necessity. Being different styles of staircases, there are also two distinct categories of stair lifts, those being the curved and the straight chair lift. Amongst them are also different kinds or brands in today's market as well. Use the guidelines below to help assist you before you decide which brand you need to buy for your own needs.

Brooks stairlifts is highly reliable mobility aid product on the market today, making accessibility around the home must easier. Brooks stairlifts have a convenient joystick control for operation and a maintenance battery for power. Some of the ideal features of Brooks stairlifts include easy stops and starts, foldable footrest and seat positions to name a few. Brooks stairlifts have very quiet operation and also has some safety sensors installed. The braking system is actually one made out of a mechanical and electronics nature. Being a simply designed Brooks stairlifts unit having the capacity load of almost 249 lbs. This unit, although having rechargeable batteries should be ran using a direct power outlet. Since the system works on rack and pinion it has a high quality of travel up and down the rail. Brooks stairlifts have eight (8) rollers to help maintain better contact, making it a very reliable system. Stability and a quiet smooth ride for security of those using the Brooks Stairlifts system.

Making sure that the lift will stop at the correct position, it has on both of its ends a sensor, designed with no wires eliminating the need for mounted wire stations.

Another convenient feature is the swivel one that will have the seat locking in the correct position so getting on and off the lift is simpler.

Since the Brooks stairlifts Lincoln model runs on DC pack, it will not need maintenance. Making Brooks stairlifts a smoother quieter ride, for those who choose it. Meaning it will not jerk or lurch on startup and stopping. Making the Brooks Lincoln lift the best value in that price area.

We know that purchasing a stair life will not be a very easy task, but the Brooks stairlifts may be the one you may want to purchase due simply alone on its standard safety features.

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