Meditek Stairlifts

Meditek stairlifts, offering lifts that are not only elegantly styled, but have great designed behind them is Meditek stairlifts. Giving more freedom and convenience for the stair lift user, today. A majority of people that use stair lifts are on disability or another or elderly, or a combination of the two. Meditek stairlifts help them to regain dignity back into their lives and provide them with a great sense of independence. Since they can purchase these from Meditek that are installed easily and allows them smooth motion of travel up and down their staircase, there is no need to remodel or redo their home environment. Simply install on of Meditek stairlifts.

They offer a life time warranty for their battery powered smooth operating lift. It is very strong and durable and will last a life time since it is constructed of monolith, giving it that extra guarantee that it is made of high quality, and strong durable materials. Meditek stairlifts other features components also has a substantial warranty that will last for one (1) year, which you can extend if you like.

Meditek stairlifts always offers the customers excellent reliable quality. Built to last and built to the customer's satisfaction. Always complying with international standards, they provide one of the safest of devices. One good key point to mention is that Meditek stairlifts offers their consumers an online area to ask questions, leave feedback and also leave their own feedback about their products. If, for some reason, the unit becomes defective within the first seven days you will have to write the company stating this fact and they will replace the unit. Keep in mind that this warranty will not cover a unit that is made defective during the installation process. Damages made in shipment must be reported within one day of signing for the unit. And, of course, it will not cover a unit that is altered by the consumer.

One of Meditek stairlifts is the sit down lift, designed for more comfort, having cushions not only on the seat area, but the foot back and arm area as well. It has a nice feature that allows it to have a smooth immediate stop when encountering an object that is in its path. Meditek stairlifts have upgraded the sitting unit from 350 lbs weight limit up to a 380 lb. If you are having a hard time with bending and sitting, you can have the option of a standing unit that the company can make the adjustment for.

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