Liberator Stairlifts

Liberator Stairlifts are a type of stair lift manufactured in the UK by Powerdrive Mobility which is a division of Powerdrive PSR Ltd. The first Liberator stair lifts were manufactured in 2005, and they have been one of the most popular types of stair lifts since. Powerdrive Mobility manufactures many different types of medical and healthcare equipment, and all of this equipment is manufactured in order to make people's lives easier and to enable people to have as much freedom as possible throughout their homes. Naturally, Liberator stair lifts are manufactured according to the highest British standards, therefore they are very safe to use, and comfortable, too.

Liberator Stairlifts – the Product and other Products of Powerdrive Mobility

Liberator Stairlifts are known for being extremely reliable, quiet, safe and comfortable. The smart design of their rails allows the Liberator stair lifts to be installed in the narrowest of the hallways, their batteries allow these stair lifts to function even if there is no electricity as two remote control units are operated by an infrared sensor therefore there is no dangerous wiring. All of these features make Liberator stair lifts very useful in everyday situations. There is also Percher unit, which is a type of Liberator stair lift which is designed especially for people who have knee problems.

Besides these, Powerdrive Mobility is the UK distributor of the so called Sherpa Stair climber, which is used for climbing the stairs when people are in a wheelchair. This device can fit almost any wheelchair on itself, and with the help of another person, people in wheelchairs can easily overcome the problem of climbing the stairs in their homes or in public buildings.

Why Choose Liberator Stairlifts?

The truth is that almost all of the modern stair lifts are pretty much the same when it comes to comfort, safety and ease of use. Therefore, when making the choice of which one to buy, people often choose a stair lift solely on the design and on personal preferences. However, there are some things people should pay attention to when choosing a stair lift besides the design. For example, the quality of materials used is very important, because the higher quality of the materials, the longer it will take for the stair lift to breakdown or show any signs of worsening. Liberator stair lifts are made out of high quality materials, they will not break easily and they are made to be very long lasting. Also, they have the option of the powered swivel seat, which means that people can get off the stair lift without any problems.

Liberator Stairlifts – Prices

When it comes to prices, it is fair to mention that Liberator stair lifts are not the cheapest ones people can find on the market today, but they are definitely one of the best. Therefore, although the prices might seem a bit steep, from £3,500 up, these stair lifts are worth the money invested in them. People are always advised to contact the company that sells the stair lift they are interested in and ask for the price, because there is always the chance of some discounts and special offers.

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