Cumbria Stairlifts

Lift Able manufactures a stair lift that allows consumers to order additional features that they want for their unit. The Cumbria stairlifts. Some of these features include a powered footrest, automatically swiveling seat and a foldable footrest too. Having a hinged track and is also fully automatic or manually operated. It also offers seatbelts and other types of harness, child seat, or a perching or standing seat.

The Cumbria stairlifts seat models are made compactly allowing for narrow and tight fitting staircases. Even when there is a narrow or tight staircase, the perching seat may be ordered. Since the perching seat comes in extremely helpful for those having a difficult time sitting in an actual seat, including those who may have injuries of the hip area.

The company realizes that there are different needs for each individual and different home style so it offers a very large variety of models to choose from. They help the customer purchase one with the correct options, rather than pushing them into purchasing one particular model. Cumbria stairlifts will also offer its professional help in assisting the customers choose.

We suggest you check some agencies that may help you with an educated input to make your choice. Social services and other government agencies can help you with this before purchasing your stair lift.

Since there are certain aspects and features you need when purchasing a stair lift Cumbria stairlifts can provide you with a guide to understand them better, making your decision a little easier. Please do your research, especially when purchasing a stair lift for those curved staircases, there are several factors to consider.

Three (3) major Cumbria stairlifts models exist for curved staircases, Model 2000, Cumbria Stairlifts Countour model, and the Flow model. Since these curved stair lifts are designed and customized to fit your exact stair measurements it is considered a very sophisticated lift aid. Ideally, the company can install the entire lift as quick as three (3) hours with no mess involved.

You can choose any of the three (3) unique Cumbria stairlifts models when looking for one to use on a curved staircase, either will work just fine. Their capacities differ and vary and Lift Able's Cumbria stiarlifts rep will help in educating the consumer about the benefits and key factors of each of its models. So remember before you purchase a lift for the curved staircases, research and talk to your representative to obtain the most information available on their product.

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