Stairlifts for Small Spaces

In the United Kingdom, the homes are the smallest in Europe when measured by the amount of living space.  This means that staircases are often very small and narrow.  This is unfortunate for those people who require a stairlift to assist them in travelling up and down stairs.  Generally, a standing stairlift takes up less space and is one option when looking for stairlifts for small spaces.  However, these are only suitable for those people that are able to stand and have a reasonable sense of balance.  Luckily, some manufacturers have now brought out ranges that are specifically designed for small spaces.  One of these manufacturers is Stannah Stair Lifts, one of the best known stairlift manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

Stannah Stairlifts for Small Spaces

Stannah Stair Lifts recently developed its Saxon range of stairlifts.  Stairlifts in this range are specifically designed stairlifts for smaller spaces.  Some of the benefits of the Saxon range of stairlifts include:

  • They are straight stairlifts making them affordable.
  • They are slim line in construction, meaning they take up little space and are ideally suited for small spaces.
  • They are customisable in colour and design and will fit in with the interior décor of most homes.
The only downside to the Saxon range is that it is only available as a straight stairlift, meaning that it cannot be used on stairs that go around a corner or bend.  However, generally, narrow staircases are almost always straight staircases.

Step Lifts – Stairlifts for Small Spaces

Another option to think of when looking for stairlifts for small spaces are step lifts.  Step lifts generally use a hydraulic system, essentially pumping the platform on which the user stands.  These are often very compact and portable and can even be stored in small and confined spaces when they do not need to be used. 

The only real down side to step lifts is that they are mainly available for just a few steps.  However, particularly in the United Kingdom, many homes have one or two steps leading up to their front door, in which case step lifts could be the ideal solution for stairlifts for small spaces, particularly in old Victorian homes, where the front door steps are very narrow.

As you can see, regardless of the type of property you live in, you will be able to find stairlifts for small spaces.  Although the two main types are available particularly for straight staircases or for outdoor steps, there are many manufacturers that have come up with a range of creative solutions for stairlifts for small spaces, including foldable seats that take up very little space.  Many people who have only a small space to install a stairlift in do prefer to opt for standing or perched stairlifts, that take up much less space but these are only a good idea if the user is comfortable standing up for the duration of the ride.  However, as you can see, even for those who are unable to stand up, solutions are available.

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