How Do I Install a Stairlift

Many people are now opting to have stair lifts installed in their homes to assist them with travelling up and down the stairs.  Stair lifts can be quite costly, but one way to keep the cost down is by installing a stair lift yourself.  This is particularly relevant if you have purchased a second hand stair lift, or a straight stair lifts as these are very easy to install.  With curved stair lifts, however, self installation may not be entirely possible as the stair lift will have to be custom made to fit the specific staircase it is intended for.

How Do I Install a Stairlift – Tools

If you have been able to find a straight stair lift, perhaps second hand or brand new, you won’t need many tools in order to install it.  The main tools you should have to hand are:

  • A hammer
  • Two types of screwdrivers
  • A level
  • The installation kit
Do ensure you fully read the installation manual for any specific hints, tips or guidance of course.

How Do I Install a Stairlift Completely?

Installing a stair lift is quite easy once you know what each of the pieces are.  Firstly, stair lifts will come with three separate carriers, to be fitted on the top of the stairs, at the bottom of the stairs and in the middle.  In the installation kit, you should also find a cable.  This cable has been specifically designed for your stair lift and will pass all the way from the top of the stairs to the bottom.

Your kit should also provide you with the tracks, that are attached to the treads of the stairs with screws and bolts that should also have been provided to you.  The most important thing about the tracks is to install the seat itself properly.  The seat will need to fit snugly between the two tracks.  This is where you will need the level, as if the seat is not placed perfectly level, the safety features installed on all stair lifts that ensure the seat will lock into position will no longer be able to move. 

You will then need to install the chain of the pulley in the centre of the run.  Check that you are able to slide the chain backwards and forwards without any difficulties.  Lastly, you may have noticed that there is a slot inside the track that seems to be specifically designed.  It is!  This slot in the track will hold the power cord, which is of course one of the most important parts of the entire system.  You will need to feed this power cord through as per the instructions provided with your stair lift, before connecting it to the mains through a socket. 

As you can see, installing a stair lift, particularly a straight stair lift, is not difficult at all and can really be done by anybody that has some knowledge of DIY and is able to use some basic tools.

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