Privately Funded Stairlifts

Purchasing a stair lift and having it installed in your home is a highly essential contribution for the care and protection of your loved ones. Elders and people with disabilities need stairway chair lifts to enable them to reach the up and down levels of the house without the risk of hurting themselves in the process. Numerous falls related to staircase traffic may lead to severe injuries and even death, therefore one should not overlook the importance of adding a stair lift to other home installations. Knowing your relatives can easily move from ground floor to superior levels in the house will bring you a much needed peace of mind, yet at a certain cost that, in many cases, requires certain funding solutions.

Funding for Acquiring Stair Lifts

Considering the high expenses associated with purchasing and installing a motorised chair that glides along a staircase, expenses which can go as high as £10,000, numerous people find themselves in need for proper funding to alleviate some of their concerns regarding the unfair costs of acquiring such a necessary device.

When it comes to finding grants for stair lift purchases, people have two primary options: they can either obtain funds from government-related organisations, or they can stick to private funding. Upon realising they are not eligible from receiving funds from the government, if that's the case, people may turn to private companies and individuals that may hand them the help they need. Thus, privately funded stair lifts are a reality, and people can achieve that by scouting for alternative associations.

Private Funding Options

Depending on one's case, health condition, budget and state of the house and staircases, some private insurance companies may offer to pay for the stair lift. As this option is highly circumstantial, the person interested in acquiring a stair lift needs to contact her insurance company to see if she's eligible for the private funding or not.

When it comes to dealing with the ultra-high costs associated with acquiring a stairway chair lift, there is always the possibility of getting a private bank loan to arrange for the funds necessary for purchase and installation. If the bank agrees upon the state of emergency imposed by the health condition of the disabled, it might release the much needed loan.

There are also local organisations that people may contact to get privately funded stair lifts. These organisations can offer stair lifts at reduced costs, and might even give them out for free if they establish the rightfulness of a particular person. There are also associations that deal only with people suffering from specific conditions or diseases, or that care for a certain segment of the population, so you need to do some browsing online to see if a particular company is worth contacting or not.

Privately Funded Stair Lifts - Qualification Requirements

Prior to being declared eligible for privately funded stair lifts, one must be subjected to a full diagnosis that will determine the exact state of his condition and needs. This is important for the accuracy of the documentation that will be completed, intel based on which the organisation will accept or deny the person's application.

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