NHS Funded Stair Lifts

A stair lift is a machine suitable for people who have trouble using the stairs. It works by carrying the disabled up and down the stairs, is hassle-free and perfectly comfortable.

Why do People need Funding?

Unfortunately, these much needed devices for the elders and the impaired are so expensive that very few people can afford them. In fact, stair lifts are so pricy that people are rarely able to acquire a device at a total cost of less than £1,500. Certainly, when it comes to more affordable options in the long run, there is always the choice of renting a stair lift however this option is not suitable for disabled residents who actually live in a house with stairs.

Aid from the National Health Service

Disappointed and having difficulties coping with the idea of relocating or residing solely at the ground floor, many people take a lot of interest in learning about sources of funding and grants that could enable them to acquire a stair lift. One such source comes in the form of NHS, or the National Health Service. This organisation has grown to become the world's largest publicly funded health service helping numerous people in getting the care they need, without having to have health insurance. This help is widely available since NHS funds local health related authorities and works in partnership with several companies and social care services.

Through the NHS, people can get the equipment they need and that enables them to live as independently as possible in their own homes. Things like breathing devices, walking sticks, wheelchairs, and in this case, stair lifts, are offered to people who can't manage without them, a circumstance which is determined by the NHS.

Home adaption devices such as stair lifts can also be obtained through one's local authority's social services department, as well as other benefits that can facilitate people's lives. Receiving NHS funded stair lifts is not as easy as some may think. It is a tedious process that can last for months. People need to get a reference from their medical doctor who can write a recommendation accentuating the importance of his patient getting a stair lift.

Also, a general assessment is required so that the organisation can determine if the persons are eligible for acquiring NHS funded stair lifts. Truth is that people, once they have their application accepted, can wait for up to 18 months to receive their NHS funded stair lifts, therefore some companies such as Multicare offer people the chance of purchasing a stair lift for the same price as the NHS funded stair lifts, and without the long months of waiting.

Multicare is a company that works in association with NHS, therefore they are able to provide discounted products without the long wait. This company also collaborates with occupational therapists, social services and other associations to aid them in selecting various pieces of mobility equipment such as stair lifts.

People can purchase their stair lifts by visiting the company's showroom and presenting their NHS prescription. Also, people are offered various products that are both new and used, so that they can be assisted whatever their preferences and budget.

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