Stair Climbing Wheelchairs

The invention of the wheelchair has given independence to so many people who would normally have been totally dependent on others. Being able to get out and about alone can give such a feeling of freedom but for able bodied people it must be difficult to understand that there are still things that cause problem for the user. The days of having to stay at home unless there was someone to accompany you on a day out are long gone.

Many things such as making sure hand washing facilities are at a lower level can be easily addressed and have been taken up by many companies, but stairs are still an area where they may have not arranged anything. If there is a lift that can solve the problem, but now there is a type of wheel chair that can allow the user to manage stairs and not need a couple of passers-by to offer their help.

Stair Climbing Wheelchairs - A New Found Freedom

Although it gives a new lease of life to many people there will still be some people that cannot manage them. They are obviously a lot more expensive than the conventional chairs and it would be a pity to purchase one and then find you cannot manage the controls. From a purely financial point of view it may mean that young people do not use them as much as older ones as they are still growing and they will need to be modified on a regular basis. Unfortunately there could also be problems for people with severe learning disabilities as they may not be able to understand the controls or the need to move in conjunction with the chair.

Stair climbing wheelchairs are a very hi tech machine and are able to take you up and down stairs by a complex range of cameras and computer actions. The wheelchair does all the planning and moving but there is an element of help needed from the person inside. You have to be able to move your weight on occasions and not understanding this can lead to problems. It is totally safe as long as it is used correctly.

Using a Stair Climbing Wheelchair

Although stair climbing wheelchairs can be used as an ordinary wheelchair they will be completely designed to fit the build of the user. Your weight, height and even physical capabilities will need to be taken into account and the details will be programmed in. If you are over 200lbs there could be problems so you may need to keep using lifts until you are able to get under the necessary weight.

Once you have been trained to use the wheel chair a whole new world will open up for you. Your chair will be your link to the outside world. Unlike other chairs they cannot be passed onto others as the weight and height may be different and they would not be safe attempting the stairs. It will need the involvement of a doctor to get you started on the path to owning one of these wheelchairs but the effort is worthwhile.

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