Portable Stair Climbers

Being able to climb stairs has given a new found freedom to many wheelchair users who had been used to having to find the long way around an area rather than master the stairs. Now it is not just at home where there is a solution to their problem.

It would make sense for all organisations that are spread over a number of floors to invest in this sort of equipment. If there is a visitor who cannot climb stairs there may be a problem for them in getting from department to department. If the lift breaks down or cannot be used in the event of a fire they will be in a very vulnerable position, along with their colleagues who stay to help them.

Use of Portable Stair Climbers

Paramedics find portable stair climbers an invaluable addition to their working equipment. Many find that they suffer from a bad back in late life and this will often be as a result of carrying immobile patients. Blocks of flats are notorious for having broken lifts and the thought of having to carry a large and ill patient down 20 flights of stairs will not only be daunting but dangerous. By having portable stair climbers in the ambulance they have their job made easier and can also save time.

Places Where Portable Stair Climbers are Needed

It is not always possible for some companies to have a ramp outside their building either because they are a small company and cannot withstand the cost or because the pavement may not be wide enough. One answer could be a portable ramp that will allow a member of staff to put the ramp out when it is needed, but this can also be problematic. If the pavement is small and the stairs are high, the gradient of the ramp will mean it will be out in the road.

There are times on a day out when you may suddenly need a portable stair climber. Very busy roads usually have either a flyover to allow you to get from one side to the other or an underpass. If you are lucky they will have a flat ramp as well as stairs and while this will be the long way round at least the wheelchair can go that way. If there are just stairs it will be a different matter and a portable stair climber will be needed.

Whereas the wheelchair that climbs stairs can be very expensive this attachment is suitable to be attached to most wheelchairs. Another person is needed but often this is not a problem. Portable stair climbers have been designed to be safe and easy to use on most substances. There are built in wheels meaning that muscle power of the pusher is kept to a minimum. There is a safety belt meaning that the person in the chair is safely held in, plus it opens easily for a quick release. They run off a rechargeable battery and can last for about 650 stairs.

Although they are classed as portable they are quite heavy – they can be up to 120 lbs so not all are the sort of attachment that can be carried round easily and every day.

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