Stair Lift Dimensions and Stair Design

Unfortunately, there are many disabled and elderly people who have difficulties leading normal lives, as a result of immobility or inability to use the stairs in their homes. Getting from one end of the stairs to another can be challenging for them without the help of some aid devices. One of these devices, which are sure to help people reach every part of their home, is stair lifts.

Stair lifts are designed to help people get up and down the stairs without having to make any effort at all. These devices are very useful as they help people continue to use stairs and get them to the parts of their homes which cannot be reached without these aid devices. Stair lifts come in many different shapes and sizes, and they have many safety features and controls as well. Therefore, choosing the right dimensions of a stair lift, as well as the appropriate type of these devices is necessary in order for people to use them properly and safely.

Stair Lift Dimension and Stair Design – Why are These Important?

As it has already been mentioned above, there are several types of stair lifts which people are to choose depending on their needs. This means that people who are not able to stand on their own or get tired easily by doing so, due to their age or medical conditions, will opt for a stair lift with a wheelchair platform or the type of stair lift which will help them use the stairs in sitting positions.

However, not every type of stair lift can be fitted onto every type of stairs. This is why it is very important for people to consider stair lift dimensions as well as the stair design. Some companies do not offer a solution for every type of staircase. They have a selection of stair lifts in different dimensions although not all of them can be installed if the stairs are not wide enough. On the other hand, some companies offer custom made stair lifts which can be fitted onto every type of a staircase. However, these bespoke stair lifts come at higher prices and might not be affordable to everyone.

Stair Design

As far as the stair design goes, it is an equally important part of choosing a stair lift as dimensions or the type of the stair lifts is. What needs to be mentioned is that companies which are in this line of business offer basically the same types of stair lifts, regarding the most commonly used ones. However, when it comes to made to measure stair lifts, special stair designs and additional safety features, not all the companies offer the same things. The majority of stair lift companies in the UK offer their surfaces of fitting a stair lift onto several stair designs. Meanwhile, there are companies which offer their installing services regardless of the stair design. Naturally, these companies charge their customers more, due to the customers' special requirements.

All in all, people should think about these things seriously and ask around and gather information before they spend a lot of money on something they will not be able to use completely or with ease.

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