Which Stair Lifts

Stair lifts can be a great benefit for many people by providing them a means of moving from one floor to another within their home. These stair lifts are installed right on top of your regular stairway by installing hinged tracks that are used to move the platform up and down the stairs. The way that the platform is set up comes in several different options to select from. The rider can either stand, sit on a chair that is installed on the platform or perch on a bench-like bar that is installed on the platform. There are also stair lifts that allow the entire wheelchair to be placed on the platform and taken up the stairs. Which stair lifts to choose is dependent on several different factors.

Choosing a Stair Lift

When you are considering purchasing a stair lift deciding which stair lifts to choose can be a difficult decision. Each one has it pros and cons and the decision must be made based on several factors. First, the level of disability can greatly affect which stair lifts you should choose from. If the person who is disabled cannot walk at all, then the type of stair lift that allows the entire wheelchair to fit on the platform will be the best choice. If on the other hand the person is able to get off of the wheelchair to a sitting or standing position then one of the other types may be the better choice.

To help you make the right choice for your needs, you should set up an appointment with an occupational therapist (OT). They will be able to perform a complete evaluation of the person who is disabled and help to determine which type would be the best fit. They will be able to advise you on what your current limitations are and what future limitations you can expect. An OT can also advise you if there are any governmental grants available that can help offset some of the costs involved in installing a stair lift. The opinion of an OT can be very beneficial in helping you decide which stair lifts to install.

Your budget may also be a determining factor in which stair lifts you consider having installed. You will want to begin by seeing if you qualify for a grant to help offset some of the costs of installing a stair lift. You will need to check with your local authority to see if you are eligible. Another option you will be able to choose from is if you want to buy a new stair lift or buy one that has been reconditioned. The reconditioned one will save you money; you just need to be sure that you purchase one that is compatible with your specific stairway.

No matter which stair lift styles you consider, you will need to purchase a servicing contract to go with your stair lift. A servicing contract will include regular, scheduled maintenance on your stair lift and also ensure that someone is available to fix your stair lift if it should stop working properly. This will allow your stair lift to work right and give you added comfort that stair lift is safe to use.

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