Wheelchair Stairlifts

If you help take care of an elderly person; and they need to get up and down the stairs, but there are no elevators. This means you have to carry them up and down on a daily basis. This is not only hard for you, but the person you are carrying also. They might worry about being dropped, or you getting hurt.

Well they make this nifty thing called a wheelchair stair lifts. What this is; is it has a track that goes on the stairs, and lifts the person up them. Whew what a load that can be taken off your back. They make these safe for any person to use.

It lets the person you are caring for; go up and down the stairs while staying seated. They can even do this there selves, all they have to do is push a button. Then up, up, and away they go up the stairs. It even brings them back down when they are ready using the wheelchair stair lifts .

There are many types of wheelchair stair lifts. To start off there is a rack-pinion one that is very light weight. It does not make very much noise at all. This type is very popular with quiet like surroundings.

Next they have a cable hauled wheelchair stair lifts. This is one that uses a cable to move the wheelchair up and down the stairs. It is known for being quiet, but it does jerk the person using it, and the landing is rough.

Another one is a Wheelchair stair lifts that is screw driven. This lift is used be a set of screws. These are not a popular one at all.

This next one is a noisy one called the running chains. You guessed it right if you thought it was ran by chains. It has a hook that is called a thumb, and this makes the wheelchair go up and down the stairs. Using the Wheelchair stair lifts.

This last one is not recommended it is called a mains powered. The safety and reliability is very questionable, so we will not go into detail on this one.

All wheelchair stair lifts are affordable. There is no remodeling that needs to be done. The rack-pinion costs five thousand dollars for a straight track, and fifteen thousand for a curved track. If you want to try the other types of lifts that were mentioned, it can cost you up to twenty five thousand dollars. All of this is a lot cheaper than using a cage lift. With those you have to remodel and it can get really expensive.

The wheelchair stair lifts are very safe. They are fitted with electronic devices that warn you if something is wrong. That way you know when to call to get someone to fix it.

The straight rack-pinion stair lift is controlled by either a push button or joystick. The wheelchair stair lifts do not need much maintenance at all. The curved lift may warrant you some maintenance.

These wheelchair stair lifts come in handy with old people and people with disabilities. It also comes in handy for you, that way you do not hurt yourself carrying them. So go on save yourself and go check the wheelchair stair lifts out on line now.

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