Through Floor Lifts

For people who want to install a stair lift in their home but their stairway is not suitable for a lift or perhaps they just do not want to install a stair lift there is another option. Through floor lifts or vertical lifts can be installed in a residential home or nursing home. A through floor lift is installed by putting a trap door in the ceiling of the first floor that will allow the platform to travel between the two floors. The trap door will open and shut automatically as the lifts moves between floors. This type of lift is especially good for those who are wheelchair bound because it will easily be able to transfer the entire wheelchair between floors.

Through floor lifts require more space than a regular stair lift and they also require more construction to be done. Due to these reasons, the costs are also more to have a through floor lift installed. However, for those who cannot get up and down the stairs installing through floor lifts can be life changing and allow them to stay in their home longer. Disabled Facilities Grants are available to help offset the cost of installing through floor lifts for those who qualify. A through floor lift can be installed with a shaft or without a shaft.

Through Floor Lifts Without a Shaft

Through floor lifts without a shaft are the type of lift that is most commonly found in residential homes. The lifts are usually installed by attaching tracks on a permanent wall. The lift will be attached to the tracks which will enable it to go up and down from floor to floor. The carrier part of the lift can be either totally enclosed or partially enclosed depending on the preference of the rider. This type of through floor lift requires less construction to be done than the ones with a shaft and they cost substantially less money.

Through Floor Lifts With a Shaft

Nursing homes and public buildings are more likely to have a through floor lift installed that includes a shaft. This type of lift requires that a shaft be built around the lift so that it is entirely enclosed. This shaft is usually made of metal or glass and requires much more construction than the through floor lifts installed without a shaft. These types of lifts are usually built to hold a wheelchair plus passengers and are therefore larger than the other types of lifts.

Safety Features of Through Floor Lifts

When having through floor lifts installed, you should insist on buying one that has the necessary safety features included with it. You will want there to be fire and smoke alarms in the lift as well as an alarm to push for help. There should also be an automatic locking system installed that will prevent the lift from operating unless the door to the lift is completely closed. You may also want to be sure that there is a way to lock the lift so that no one can get in it when it's not in use. It is a good idea to have a sensor installed that will alert you if there is something underneath the lift. These added safety features will help to protect the riders and ensure that no one gets hurt.

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