Stairlift platforms

If you've been challenged by physical issues that keep you from moving around and accessing the various parts of your multi-level home, then you should consider installing a stairlift which provides easy access to the upper levels of your home.

Among the many types of stairlifts available are stairlift platforms which are are suited to all kinds of stairs – straight, curved, etc., as well as all kinds of environments, allowing you to install them both indoors as well as outdoors. Stairlift platforms that are installed out of doors are made to withstand the rigors of the climatic conditions prevalent in the UK.

Stairlift platforms can either be mounted on the floor or on the wall making it easy to install on almost any staircase. All the functions of stairlift platforms are electronically powered and can therefore be easily operated even by those who are wheelchair bound.

If you're hesitating to install one or more stairlift platforms in your home due to worries about the blockage of the entire staircase, then let me assure you there are solutions available to such concerns. Today, you can find stairlift platforms that can be folded up so they occupy minimal space leaving the majority of the staircase free for normal usage.

These stairlift platforms are easy to install and often can be fixed to your staircases within a day's time since they don't have any specific needs to cater to except for a power socket that can be used exclusively for the stairlift platforms.

The maximum height stairlift platforms can travel is 9mts and is therefore ideal for commercial establishments as well. Installing stairlift platforms can actually work wonders for your business by increasing your client base. Potential customers that would have been unable to ever make it to your upper level store might just take the effort to visit if such a convenience is provided to ensure they can access any part of the commercial building in which you are situated.

Truth be told, this is no longer a choice but a legal requirement as per the Disability Discrimination Act which was enacted in October 2004. This act calls for all public buildings in the United Kingdom to provide accessibility options for those with disabilities.

The good news about them is the fact that they are very quiet when operational and don't block the entire stairway making it impossible for regular users to walk up and down. What's more, such devices are made to meet high standards of safety and are made from the best quality materials. If there's ever a situation in which the platform stairlift malfunctions and stops, it does come equipped with lowering facilities that come into play during emergency situations.

If your'e convicnced you need one installed into your office or home, then get in touch with experts at the earliest. It's imperative that you explore the many options available and check out the dev ices and their workings before settling on the one that most appeals to you in terms of your individual needs.

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