Stairlift batteries

Some of the advantages over Dc powered compared to the ac powered is that it is very easy to maintain and install and the dc powered stairlifts have a rechargeable stairlift batteries. You still will need to plug the stairlift batteries in to charge them. With this being said you can have the ease of mind that you would not get stranded if a power outage was to happen. The dc powered stair lift will still work just as it did when the power was on. The stairlift batteries allow it to go down and up the stairs about 20 times before the stairlift batteries would be dead. The dc powered stairlift is much quieter than an ac stairlift.

Each and every stairlift company has a different way of you to change your stairlift batteries. But there is normally two different ways. One being stationary charging and the other would be some charging strips.With the stationary charge the stairlift batteries can charge one it is at either ending of the track locked in to place. And the charging strips would be lined along the stairlift and then would charge whenever it was in motion. This has ensured that the stairlift batteries can stay fully charged at all times. But, this system has some disadvantage such as there are going to have more parts that will need to be taken care of and also will have larger errors due to the wear and tear of it constant use.

The rechargeable stairlift batteries pack will be sold in the sealed package. The stairlift batteries will need to be replaced every year or up to 2 years.

You can remove it yourself since they do provide you with a manual to do so, but you will need to be very careful doing so. You will need to remove it from the charging system and make sure to unplug it. You will then want to take off the seat or any safety items. Make sure you do not touch any wires at all. You are going to now remove your connection from stairlift and take them out one at a time.

Now you may install your new stairlift batteries and make sure to check and make sure you had put the all in right. If you do not do this you could chance shorting out your main circuit board. Then you just do the steps that were just mentioned to remove the stairlift batteries but do them the opposite way to install everything the right way.

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