Stairlift Accessories

Many of us find it difficult to negotiate stairways for several reasons including age, physical disabilities, etc. Stairlifts are the answer to such challenges. They make it easy to negotiate stairs without anyone's aid and come suited to provide you with a comfortable experience as you move around your home.

If you've installed a stairlift lately or are considering do so in the near future, my advice is that you spend time finding out more about all the different kinds of stairlift accessories that are now available. Stairlift accessories play a significant role in ensuring that your get a comfortable and safe stairlift installed.

Currently, the most common stairlift accessories that are available in the British market include folding platforms, hinged rails, swivel seats and perch frames. You can also find such stairlift accessories as power folding footrests, seatbelts and sit/stand frames.

Let's take a quick look at all the different stairlift accessories mentioned above:
  • Folding platforms: These are also referred to as bridging platforms due to the platform that comes attached but can be folded back when not in use. It's main purpose to ensure that the user movement from the stairlift to the landing is safe and secure. These folding platforms are both manual and powered. The latter, as you can imagine, are more expensive. These types of stairlift accessories are also useful for stairways that are slightly curved. They allow the straight stairlift to be installed instead of a curving one which costs considerably more. Manually operated folding platforms cost between £300 to £400 while the powered ones cost between £600 and £800.

  • Hinged Rails: These are identical to regular stairlifts with the exception of the rail at the bottom which is hinged to allow folding. By folding the end part of the rail not only do members of the house avoid tripping over it but it also works well for narrow passages and doorways that can be blocked by the rail. These cost between £200-£500 depending on whether you want a straight or a curved track installed.

  • Sit/stand/perch frames: These types of stairlift accessories make it possible for people with a knee bending incapability to negotiate stairways. It's great to have a sit/stand frame if the stairlift is going to be used by two or more people with different needs and challenges. Perch frames are also ideal for those with issues that stop them from bending their knees. In addition, they can be used on very narrow stairways that can't accommodate the regular stairlifts. Most come with steady bars to hold on to and cost about the same as regular stairlifts.

  • Swivel seats: These types of stairlift accessories are especially convenient for getting off onto the landing because you're required to shift sideways and lift yourself out of the seat when you reach the landing. This swivel feature is increasingly appearing as a powered option that enhances the safety of the stairlift. They cost about £150.

  • Seatbelts: These stairlift accessories can be got in two types – those that can be belted around the waist and those that strap your shoulders in place.

  • Power folding footrests: These stairlift accessories are great for people that find it difficult to bend down.
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