Stair Rails and Stair Lifts

The creation of stair lifts has helped many families live a happier life by allowing people who find themselves disabled the ability to use their entire home and not just one floor of the home. By having a stair lift installed they are able to have greater mobility with very little structural work done to the home. Many people feel that it would be too costly to have one installed but there are different options available to help families. There are reconditioned stair lifts available that are sold for only a fraction of the cost. Also for those who are approved, the Disabled Facilities Grants are able to financially help people with up to £25,000 to help install a stair lift on their home.

When you have a stair lift installed, your contractor will suggest to you several safety features that you may want to add that will allow for better protection for both you and your loved one. They may suggest installing a stair gate to prevent anyone from accidentally falling down the stairs or to keep people from playing with the lift. They will also advise that you add stair rails and stair lifts at the same time to add extra support if needed. These safety features are very inexpensive to install and provide a wealth of security for both the ones riding the stair lift and the one offering support.

Stair Rails

Once you have decided to install a stair lift in your home or the home of a loved one, you must consider all of the safety factors that are involved. Many homes have stair rails already installed in their stairway but often these railings do not extend to the top or bottom of the stairwell. It is important that you have your stair rails and stair lifts both installed. This will help protect your loved one from any possible falls and give them extra support if needed. Your contractor can install both stair rails and stair lifts at the same time and this will add the right type of protection and safety features that your loved one needs.

To save money you may decide to purchase and install you own stair rails before or after the stair lift is installed. For someone with a little bit of carpentry experience these hand rails will be fairly simple to install. You will want to be sure that you purchase enough railing to extend to the top or the bottom of the stairway. You will not want any area of the stairway to go without having a handrail readily available and it is important to make the stair rails and stair lifts compatible, which will be able to be used to help the rider or helper if they were to need extra support. You should purchase the mop stick railing because they are the easiest to grab. The railing should be attached using angled brackets that help extend the railing out to provide the maximum ability to grab onto and hold onto the railing. Even if you have a curved railing, the hardware store will be able to provide you with the right type of railing to fit your stairway.

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