Stair Lift Servicing

If you ever find that your or a loved one becomes disabled or unable to walk up their stairway any more, having a stair lift installed may be the best solution for you. They can allow people the ability to go up and down the stairs that otherwise they would not be able to. Stair lifts are easily installed right on top of your current stairwell and are very easy to use. The chairlifts are sold in many different styles that can be matched with your specific needs and which one you like the best. They sell ones where the rider can sit, stand or perch as they ride the stair lift allowing for mobility to both floors of the home and not just the first floor. Once you have had your stair lift installed, you will want to be sure that you have stair lift servicing provided so that your stair lift will always be in good working condition.

Servicing a Stair lift

Any stair lift servicing contract should include an inspection done every six months and a complete servicing of the stair lift done every year. Most companies include a one year stair lift servicing contract in the purchase of the stair lift. You should check with your distributor before purchasing your stair lift to see what is included in their servicing contract. Some of them will include labour and parts and others will only include labour and make you pay for part. This contract or another one should be renewed by you once the year contract is completed. This will let you know that the stair lift is running properly and has no problem. This will not only prevent any injury from happening but it will extend the life of your stair lift and save you money in the end.

Finding the Right Stair Lift Servicing Company

When finding a company to provide you with stair lift servicing, you want to consider a few factors first. You will also want to find a company that provides 24/7 service because your chairlift could go out at any time of the day and you need to have it fixed quickly. You will want to find a stair lift servicing company that is close to your home so that they can get there faster. If you have need to use both the first and second floor of your home, you will want it fix as fast as possible.

You should ask for references and check with these references to see how quick they are to respond, how easy they are to get a hold of and if they are satisfied with their services. You will want to be sure that they are certified engineers at their company and that they are experienced in working with the type of stair lift that you had installed. A stair lift has a lot of working parts that can be complicated to work with and since you use it every day, it will have a lot of wear and tear. You do not want to go without having a stair lift servicing contract to provide you with both the safety and functionality that you do deserve.

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